Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hah. I finally got into Blogger. After about a million tries and 'refresh' button clicks, the crappy internet server here in college has finally given me access to this page.
Today was a wonderful day to sleep in. You know, those nice rainy mornings that make you just want to bury yourself under your (imaginary) 400-threadcount Egyptian cotton bedsheets and sleep the day away? But no. Retail design class beckoned me to wake up (late) as I frantically tried to make the bus only to miss it.
But no! God is good! I saw my classmate waiting for transport from another friend and tumpang lor... :D
My ex-housemate Jaclyn came back to college today, after being stranded in Penang because of the haze. Omg. She lost a freakin' load of weight okay! 16kgs, to be precise. And she is striving to lose another 5-10kgs!
I have this feeling she's less than 60kgs already. Which means she's lighter than me! No..... Carol you whale/blimp/whale.
I don't get it. People just manage to have this intense desire to lose weight. So they do everything within their power to do so. Don't eat. Eat once a day. Eat rabbit-food. Drink disgustingly slimy, green-coloured-looks-like-something-the-dog-brought-in drinks. Basically just torturing themselves la. Siaw wan. How can you deny yourself the pleasures of eating?! I mean, it's food okay?
Then there are those friends who go overseas and just suddenly lose a heck lot of weight too. Weight that's accompanied them through their life just disappears like *that* and when you ask them what happened they go, 'Dunno. It just disappeared la.'
Just disappeared?! Whaddya mean just disappeared?! What, you woke up one morning and oh, you lost 20kgs?!
This is sad. For those of us girls (generally, it'd be about 99.99% of the female population), we're never satisfied with our weight. Come on lah, I've got classmates who are stick-thin and I still hear snippets of their conversations that go 'Aiyah I'm so fat lah I need to lose weight.'
I think, though, that I'll stick to being me. Which means I'll eat what I want (within reason, of course. So I shall refrain from more yummy Hongkong Ramly burgers bought at 1.45am like I did yesterday) and drink what I want, play as much badminton as I want and just feel happy.
Of course, if I could lose about 10kilos I'll be a very happy and contented girl. And if I could get rid of my thunder thighs.
Or maybe if you were to offer me a car/new phone/PDA/some other drool-worthy gadget I'll get down to 50kgs. Seriously. JUST FOR YOU!
Was my thinnest at Form4 and then I was about 57kgs. What's happened since then?
Let's just say that I've had a love/hate relationship with my sweet-16 photo albums ever since.


At 11:48 PM, Blogger silveraven said...

crazy lah those ppl. i already know someone who turned aneroxic after losing some weight.

i, on the other hand, would love some weight tranfers over. come, lets do virtual fat transfer~


btw, YOU DID LOOSE WEIGHT OK?? angel and I thinks so anyway~

At 1:38 PM, Blogger carol said...

hahaha it wouldn't be if i continue the ramly burger thing. lollll....
some people are just weird. oh well. what to do? ahahaha...


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