Friday, August 19, 2005

I will have the world know that my second post, which is currently sitting beautifully below this third post, was the result of at least 30mins worth of editing, copying, and pasting.
I don't know whether it's just me trying to get used to the blogger interface, or is it just the blogger interface that really sucks.
I had problems bolding some of the sentences, enlarging theirs sizes etc. One 'bold' affected the whole post. And some parts of the post somehow or the other didn't manage to appear.
And then when something went wrong, they told me my font html tag wasn't closed. I scoured the entire html for the post and didn't find a single friggin' font tag!
I think I'll just stick to simple posting till I get used to this interface. That is, if I even bother la. Which I will. Eventually. :D
And will someone please tell me where I can get nice templates for this blog? Or do I get it the same way I used to a million years ago when I blogged on D-land? Through some special sites that give you templates.
And what can I do about my 'comments' page? It looks weird.
In general, where do I edit the html for the blog?
Lyne told me last time when I first started using Multiply (or maybe it was Edison, I can't remember) that it was rather complicated to get used to. Hah? What talking them? Multiply (so far) is the easiest site-thingy I've ever used! So simple!


At 11:50 PM, Blogger silveraven said...

multiply simple 'cos you don't have to use html codes bah~

learn lah, it's easy.

*LoL* you'll enjoy blogging on blogger after you get used to it.

see ya~

At 8:49 AM, Blogger jOSs said...

u can get more blogger templates from or other sites. quite simple. but if u wanna have it customised then have to learn some html codings lo. haha. u can edit e html of ur blog by going to "templates" tab. quite easy ler.
oh yea. blogger rawks!!! muahaha


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