Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm very, very sleepy. *Big panda eyes*
I'm dying for my Internet access. I really, really need to call up that dumb streamyx office to make them come and give me my deserved streamyx. Then life would be so much easier for me!

Because you see right, here are the benefits of my having Streamyx:
1. I can do my research at home. Better speed, easier to use. You get my point.
2. I can blog more! No need to refresh each page a million times.
3. No time limit! But that might be bad because I can't slack this semester.
4. I can use MSN messenger! Oh you have no idea how deprived I am of communication with people who are far far away. Like Nick. :( Yes and Lyne too. Feli. Just in case I get 'OI YOU FORGOT ME' comments. ;)
5. I can actually change my template and what not! Then I'll be able to go to and look for prettiful skins for this able to do html with it (no way I'm doing html in college, college on its own is stressful enough already).

Uh...basically can have all the benefits of having Internet access la.

My very nice synthesizer teacher is going away Sunday night. :( To the land of leprechauns and shamrocks. Not Dublin, by the way, but Belfast. Kekeke...
Thank you so much, Kevin Tan, for helping me all these while with the Karma, and being so patient with me in those initial months when I couldn't read chords for peanuts and always bugging you to teach me how to read them properly. Yes, even through the internet. And thanks for all the advice etc. That was when I really realised that hey, God sees the heart.
And have fun in Ireland. Come back an OB/GYN (hahahaha I still have trouble digesting that ambition of yours) and help women out there.

Sigh. People leave all the time. Like what PC always says, the students turnover rate is very high, and very fast. 'Volatile', she said.
Ha 1am's going to reach Kuching tonight! Make the concert and workshop happen, people! :)


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