Saturday, August 20, 2005

I just came from a very, very, exclusive, top-secret, highly confidential meeting. The college is involved with Lancome on something. Yes, the makeup/fragrances company. Yes, all the fashion students are involved, including yours truly. And yes, I know what their cosmetics line for Spring/Summer 2006 will be. ;)
And yes, I'm bound by a contract I just signed so my lips are sealed.
Interesting. These kind of things are exactly why I don't think I made a wrong decision in (a) choosing fashion design for my tertiary education (b) choosing to come to Limkokwing, as sucky as it can be sometimes.
You see right, somewhere along the 15years or so LUCT has been established, they've (somehow) managed to build quite a reputation for producing creative talents. Therefore, whenever anything of prestige happens in Malaysia, the college is approached. Like this LCDA competition. LUCT is the only college in Malaysia to be involved. Cool, yes?
Anyway, there's a tight deadline to adhere to. And a very juicy prize. The top 3 from each country (12 are involved) would get to go to Paris for the Paris Spring/Summer 2006 Fashion Week to showcase their designs. Now how cool is that, you tell me?! That means they'll get to be on the same catwalk as Chanel...Gucci...Prada...Alexander McQueen...Versace... Oh and the winner gets to study in Central Saint Martins College in London! CSM! That's like, my dream college to attend okay?
Well...I don't know how to take this news, really. I mean, I'm majorly excited by it...but I do want to proceed with caution. As in, I don't want to talk about what I'm doing etc (I can't anyway) and stuff like that in case The Disastrous Event repeats itself.
And don't ask me what The Disastrous Event was. I think the name speaks for itself.
Well, I'm off! I have lots of things to do. This semester is nothing short of insane, I tell you. If I don't make the finals for this, I have 6 garments to complete. If I do, I have 10. Now congratulate me and book me a room in Pantai Medical please because I'm going to need the best medical care by December.


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