Sunday, August 21, 2005

Eeee it's the workshop today! So exciting la...hehe...
I learnt from Lyne just yesterday that 1am would be going to my church on Monday evening to do something! I'm so excited about that, I had no idea that there would be something like that going on. (Summore Lyne told me that that Cuz thought I paksa them wan..haha..Cuz..don't you know by now that they can't be paksa-ed wan? And I don't paksa my leaders wan! :D)
See? It's all a divine plan. Heheh.....
Woke up late this morning for YOF meeting. So I was like one hour late. My goodness. Thank God PC wasn't there, haha. But Sharon was! And she was like 'Hah! You're here! What is sin to you?'
Wahlau eh talk about putting people on the spot okay? I was like 'Uh... *sweats blood* Not doing something you know you should do?'
It was only a quarter correct, by the way.
Going down to Subang Jaya to pick up my blood test and urine test results. Hopefully everything's okay.
Enjoy workshop and concert, people! :) Wish I were there!


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