Thursday, August 25, 2005

Warning: Don't step on this girl's tail today. For your sanity and hers.

This is insane. It's just about a month into semester and I'm already having those long late nights with just about 2-3 hours of sleep. I have dark circles under my eyes!!!!! For those of you who know me, you know that I don't get dark circles easily! What's going on?

1. I'm not having enough sleep.
2. I'm getting old.

Boohoo.... *wails*

Anyway. I must share this: I went to listen to Bill Wilson yesterday! That is majorly cool okay? He's such an amazing man...the life that he leads, the things that he does, the things he's been through. It's He's straightforward like nobody's business, but hey, people who've seen what he has, and been through his life aren't the type who would beat around the bush, are they? Take it or leave it, that's what they're usually like.

Bought his VCD that's entitled 'Streets of Pain'. It comes with a warning sticker because of the explicit, unedited scenes inside. It's a very real look on the life of the inner city kids in Brooklyn that he's reaching out to.

He signed my VCD and 2 calenders! I was so overwhelmed with his ministry I was at a loss for words. Therefore, I just looked at him and went 'I don't know what to say....' And get what he did: He grasped my shoulders, looked at me in the eyes and said 'You don't need to...thank you...Pray for me.'


Such an amazing servant of God.

Okay. Then we went back and had supper in Chiam's place. Leftovers of the dinner she hosted for Debby tonight. Oh before that we went to some mamak in Jalan Gasing..but... Their sambal was nice but that was about it. And I closed my banana leaf away from me, if you know what that means.
Got inspiration for my work on the way to the when we reached home I proceeded to work on my ideas until 6am. That was when I knew I had to sleep because:

(a) I bumped into a million things. The table, the door, you name it. (Okay some people might at this point argue that I am memang clumsy one... yes... but this was more than usual okay?) :/
(b) I had that weird feeling in my chest. The one that tells me if I don't sleep now I'll be an emo-wreck the next morning. I still have that feeling, but more stable. Not on an emo-trip..yet.
(c) THE DARK CIRCLES LA! My goodness, so horrible okay!

Loads of work to do. Cherie Voon, I'm officially kind of stressed out. :)
Sewing my cheongsam test-fit. Going off for lunch now. Will be in college till 6pm, unless I finish my work before that. After that it's to Pizza Hut IOI (argh, again?! Imagine the calories!) for Lizzie's farewell for Debby. That girl's getting loads of farewells. :P
Well, have fun people. And pray that I don't go all emo today. I'm always extra careful when I don't have enough sleep because I'm very, very weak then, with a short fuse and whatnot.
I'm off! :)


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