Monday, November 21, 2005

Ah well I'm back la. As in back to the Internet. Not KL.

Everything's been done, the funeral has been conducted, my grandma's officially buried somewhere near 7th Mile (The Anglican Cemetery there), and we are officially (trying to) move on with life.

I'm moving la. That's for sure. Some other people, like, my, uh, aunty, erms, not so much la. But it's okay.

I met up with cousins I've not seen, seen relatives I didn't know existed, basically it was good la. We reminisced, and obviously cried la. I did, and it was only at the funeral that I did. Before that I didn't and I bet people thought I was made of stone of something. Eh, excuse me, I cried buckets in KL already okay. When I got the news, in college, on the way home, while watching the Miracle Box...

Grandma would want us to move on with life! And she definitely wouldn't kick up a big hoo-ha over whether my cousin's shirt was green or yellow. Unlike some other people la.

It was very much GREEN, by the way. *Rolls eyes*

Anyway. There are two very special people I want to thank! *Big cheesy grin*

**Drumroll please**

FELI AND JESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These two ultra-lovely people (oh I know, your toenails are blushing..) came to the wake at my grandma's place and entertained me for a good while there. It was definitely a typical Feli-Jess-Carol conversation i.e. loads of rubbish la but it was GOOD rubbish! You know, like biodegradable rubbish. It doesn't harm the environment! :p And we went out for a McDonald's dinner today... after a lot of debating over where to go... tsks.. heh.

Oh, Jase is back in Kuching. So we went out for a laksa breakfast today. To Feli and Jess: Do Not Judge A Laksa By Its Prawns (their saying)... hrmm, you just might have a point there. They gave me puny prawns today... and only three! Lousy.

But I'm digressing. Anyway. I woke up late... Jase had to call me! Tsks. So after the morning blah I picked him up and went to Golden Arch. A normal Jase-Carol get-together la. Talking, talking... rubbish... talking... catching up... being teased incessantly... talking... It was good. It's been too long. :) And Jase lost weight, therefore his already girly features were enhanced. :D So pretty!

*vomits blood*


Visited Pizza Junction with my family and cousins today. *Gives a huge thumbs-up* VERY NICE!!!! I like it! The thin-crust pizza was nice! :D

Can you believe I went for McDonald's again after that? I can feel my arteries clogging up and my cholesterol level zooming up....

Kuching is bad for my health. Heh.

Mmm. A big CONGRATS and a pre-CONGRATS to the Form 6 students on their state of liberty! Haha! You guys have been chained up for so long, relish your freedom! :D

Going back to KL latest by Thursday. There's Vision Casting that day, and on Friday there's a Campus Champs meeting. Plus it is a very speshul day for BadBoyJoe and I, lol. So yealah. I wanna be in KL for that....

By the way, I think the New Zealand trip is cancelled... for this year. My parents are not keen on going after all that's happened, and plus they don't really want people to talk too much la. I kind of understand, some more the date we're scheduled to be in Kiwi Land coincides with the one-month anniversary of my grandma's passing. Therefore...

But then right, we just might be there for CNY, hurray! And that's also because my parents don't want to have CNY here (plus some don't-celebrate-CNY-after-a-death-in-the-family rubbish thing) so we would most prolly be in NZ then. The tickets must be used by March.

I asked my mum if she could change my ticket for Melbourne..or OUR tickets for Melbourne so I can be at the PlanetShakers Conference. Heh. But cannot. :( So New Zealand it is!

Don't want to bore you. Bye! :P


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