Monday, November 14, 2005

So I was just scouting around when I came across this BBC personality test thing. Being the extremely inquisitive person that I am, I TOOK THE TEST! (So what else is new, huh? Haha..) And below...are the results!









Your answers suggest you are a Mentor

The four aspects that make up this personality type are:
Planner, Facts, Hearts and Extrovert
Summary of Mentors

* Warm and lively people who focus on the needs of others
* Bring people together and encourage group participation
* Think of themselves as intelligent, outgoing and sensitive
* May become overbearing in their quest for harmony

More about Mentors

Articulate, lively and enthusiastic, Mentors spend time and energy fostering relationships and encouraging personal growth in others. They are extremely sensitive to people's needs and play a central role in families and social groups.

Mentors have changed jobs least since leaving full-time education, according to a UK survey.

Mentors love to bring people together in harmony and enjoy busy, active lives. However, their warm nature may mean they have trouble making tough decisions that affect others negatively.

In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Mentors may focus too much on the needs of others. Under extreme stress, Mentors may be troubled by unusually critical thoughts about themselves and others.

Mentors readily see the best traits in others, but may have trouble recognizing personality faults.
Mentor Careers

Mentors are often drawn to jobs where they can help people develop their potential.

It's important to remember that no survey can predict personality type with 100 percent accuracy. Experts say that we should use personality type to better understand ourselves and others, but shouldn't feel restricted by our results.

Read about the 16 personality types from the What Am I like? Personality test.

Ekekeke.... Mentor, eh? Interesting banyak.

Just fyi, I completed my concept board already, with the help of Photoshop CS2! *Hugs Photoshop* I finally found a bundled pack with Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2 and InDesign CS2! I am so happy! And that was after I went to Kenyalang, Kuching Plaza, and Saberkas! I finally found it in a small shop in Saberkas, which only has 2 small baskets of software CDs, and I found it there! Haha!

Yalah. Obviously I am very happy la.

But then there's still the question on how to make my assessment.*broods*

NEVERMIND! I will not let crappy LUCT disturb my mood! Ha!

Off to do my mood board! :D


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