Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Update. I might, most probably might be going back to KL on Wednesday. Assessment day.

My maternal grandma's been coughing (she flew here from KL to see my paternal grandma), and my mum's worried. I can hardly blame her, with what's been going on, we're all paranoid and on the edge.

So we're considering a flight, for both my grandma and I to KL, noon, Wednesday. But it's not confirmed yet.

Correction. Possibly early morning, 9-ish am on a MAS flight. Open ticket, so we can go anytime we want.

Should I make mine a return, with coming back an open ticket as well? Just in case?

I finally came clean with my mum and explained the whole messed up assessment issue. And Lizzie told me that Aaron and BadBoyJoe suggested I write a letter to college explaining and asking them to extend my deadline. I drafted the letter already. Might slip in the medical diagnosis as well, to please the idiots in the college.

Did I mention that I absolutely loathe LUCT? That money-sucking college?

I suppose Wednesday it is then. Back to KL. Back to life, my second home..... and leaving a world of worries here. I know I'll be permanently on the edge when I'm there. You never know how things are going to happen.

Worried, worried, worried. But Lizzie keeps reminding me of Romans 8:28. Look at how the tables have turned. It used to be me going, 'Hey, Romans 8:28 okay?' to her.

I don't care if you're sick of hearing me say this, but thank God for spiritual family.


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