Thursday, November 24, 2005

I, as of today la, hereby declare that this evening was the best evening I have had for, I dunno, a week, maybe?


After a cutting cloth session in that place, haha, I rushed to pick Lyne and Sam from Sam's house for a dinner/supper session. After some time, we decided on bla bla bla.

We reached there after I went to withdraw money at an ATM. It really is quite a lovely place, very tastefully decorated, I must say. All these little stepping stones thing over a man-made pool with fishes inside. We decided to sit upstairs. After a long tiem debating over what to order, (cocktails? No cocktails? - Didn't know what to order, because I don't know the difference between tequila, sunrise,margharita, and a whole bunch of other names - cake? No cake? Tiramisu? Creme brulee? (Nah. too puny) Crab? No crab?) we finally chose our food.

I took the lamb shank, Lyne the grilled lamb, and Sam the ostrich rolls. With an iced cappucino, iced chocolate, and iced lime juice. Settled on a single tiramisu for dessert.

The waitress gave us this look as we ordered the food and said, 'Are you sure you want to order all that? The helping is quite large, you know?'

Oh boy was she ever right. When the food came, our eyes almost popped out of their sockets. For starters, the plate was huge. And the food on the plate was a lot. We gave each other the 'we're supposed to finish THIS?!' look... and decided to move to a larger table to accomodate the food. Heh.

Food was great... Lyne's grilled lamb was quite superb, Sam's ostrich rolls were... heh.. NICE with melted cheese which we jakun-ly thought was ostrich meat.. goodness, how dumb can three girls get? Heh. My lamb shank was nice too, though i preferred Lyne's order. :D

But anyway, tonight was fun not because of the food (though that did help), it was the COMPANY!

So us girls just laughed and talked and caught up with each other... then Jason Wong arrived. Jase...haha... When he arrived, Lyne was standing up cutting the meat while we were seated. He took one look at the humongous plates surrounding us, looked at Lyne cutting the meat, and without missing a beat, became Jason.
"Eh, you eating lunch and dinner izzit?"

Lyne wanted to strangle him then and there. How's that as a greeting for someone you haven't seen for nine months? Lol...!

So yalah, naturally with Jase in the conversation, we laughed more, teehee, considering that his favourite joke punching-bag was there. (Lyne, not me). He just attacked from all angles la...super jahat, that Jason, but it was all in good fun, so Lyne, I know you don't mind right? Teehee.

Somehow or other (with a little help from Jason), we managed to stomach all the food, drinks, plus that tiramisu which they nearly forgot. Paid the bill, RM92.50, which works out to about RM31.00 per person, which is quite reasonable, really. Lyne chiaed the tiramisu... :P

Thanks Lyne!

Left in quite a hurry, because Sam and I both had 12am curfews, and Sam's is stricter than mine. Jase wanted to drive, because apparently his dad still does not trust him with the cae (haha!) so I let him. :) I do. Trust him with my car, that is. :P Besides, it is, uh, tradition that Jase drive while I sit and talk. Ha!

Sent Sam back, then went via Jln Stapok (dark, scary, wouldn't have gone that way if it weren't Jase driving or if her weren't in the car) to Lyne's place.

In front of Lyne's house, Jase announced his return to the whole of Lyne's neighbourhood, Taman How Ching, in classic Jason-style:
"ARLYNE!!!!!! BYE BYE!!!!!! BYE ARLYNE!!!!!!!!!"

While I tried to hide my face, laugh, and whisper 'Go! Go! Go!!!!!'

Jase is a riot.

Anyway, he drove back to his house... and the whole way back we had a typical post-Lyne's house conversation: serious. Quite la. Quite serious. Not so much hee-hee-ha-ha stuff... I think I've mentioned it before, once upon a time. Those are the only times I can properly talk to him.. kind of. Heh. That's why I like those times.

So I'm back!

Will be waking up super-early tomorrow to pay a visit to my cemetery because it's the 7th day of my grandma's passing. After that, I'll ask me parents if we can pop by Kenyalang for breakfast (Max highly recommends the laksa there). Then I think I'll be having lunch with Feli and Jess. :P

Yay more fun! :)

I'm quite confirmed for an evening flight tomorrow. Will not make it for VC, but hopefully can make it for Chinese service prac. AND THEN. Midnight in KL! :) That's really where I want to be this year la.

I really, really want to thank all of you guys here in Kuching for making this week such a memorably fun one for me, despite all the sad circumstances that brought me home. The laughter I've enjoyed, the memories I've collected... they're wonderful!

You guys are wonderful.

I will be back... at the end of the year. And then we'll go out some more okay? Lyne, get to KL in December and I will make sure you have a great time. Feli, get there too! As for everyone else, I'll see you guys end of december... like I've mentioned before.



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