Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This is Daryl. He is a very talented animation student!

I've known Daryl since last year, but I only got to know him better this year, because he got saved and joined our spiritual family. :) Since then, I've really seen him change for the better... he really is quite a different character now! Not as moody and withdrawn as he used to be... :)

Anyway, Daryl's grandfather is really sick with lung cancer as is in the hospital now. Critical, according to Daryl just now. So do, do, pray for the healing and salvation of the grandfather ya! Especially the salvation part. :P

This is an artwork I requested from Daryl, based on the vision God gave me during The Contender camp. I need to remind myself of it, and not be trapped anymore.

The eagle symbolises me (and anyone who is in a similar situation, really). The chains are certain things that have been holding me down for a really long time. Look at how the eagle is sruggling. It wants to soar, soar high, but those nasty thick chains that go all the way into the ground are holding it back.

But look! The eagle finally decided that enough was enough. It looked towards the sky - towards God - and saw all that it was missing. It then realised also that the chains were not buried that deep, just that it wasn't trying hard enough to uproot the chains, furthermore, it wasn't counting on the strength of God.

It looked once more to the heavens, and gave one last fierce yank and - it was free! Throwing its head back, the eagle let out a cry of freedom and soared high into the sky - where it belonged. Free to fly, soar, and do all the things eagles are meant to do. No longer chained to the ground.

My quesion to you is this: Which eagle are you? Are you still struggling, or are you soaring high up in the skies?


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Jaysmeen said...

Hey..thanx for the comment=) it's jes encouraging to know that God has it all well-planned even b4 we were born, aye? I wrote that because I'm totally amazed at how God has preserved my life so amazingly:)
It's ok..christmas isn't dat far away..heh..see you then ya?

At 3:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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