Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I woke up feeling really horrible today. My head was spinning... my stomach felt funny, and I seriously thought I was going to blackout any moment.

My mum brought me to see this lady who can help me do one of my garments. She's some lady who runs a dressmaking institute in Palm Road. So I let her do one of my garments... as in she help me la. I'll also be going in tomorrow for the whole day to work on the garment as well.

Okay, don't get me wrong here but the lady was annoying. Annoying. When I said I didn't know how to use the manual sewing machine (you know, the super-old use your feet to push ones) she laughed! And that's not all! She laughed because I don't know the technical sewing terms in Mandarin! OI! Hello! I happened to learn it in English okay, why you want to feng ci me for that ha?


Never mind, tolerate. Teehee.

Then the other one, I'm fixing the skirt while a friend of my mum is fixing the top. Thank God. And that lady is a heck lot nicer also... sigh...

Talking to PC on MSN now. Pressure la. Haha... she's asking me my vision and what I want to contend for now! *Sweats blood* Heh. Wait a minute though, something doesn't feel right. Is she talking to the right Carol here? After all, there are four Carolyns in ECF wor! :/ Hrmm.....

Eh she didn't get it wrong.

I wanna go back to KL asap! I don't want to miss out on amymore than I should! Plus PC just mentioned she's gonna be preaching this week (hrmm. Another heart-stabbing, thought-provoking message, I'm sure) so that's going to be so cool. :(

Okay la. Enough. Need to do base skirt. :) *hugs*


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