Wednesday, December 21, 2005

19 December 2005 (blog entry)

Lizzie left for home in Indonesia yesterday. :( I miss her. :(( [Ha if you're reading this, blush! lol..keke.. *whacks Lizzie*]

Anyway, I just got back from church. Actually, we finished all the deco work yesterday night, I mean, this morning at 3am. The snowflakes hanging from the ceiling look fab. Two full days of work, cutting styrofoam, paper, gluing, hanging them up.. the works! In fact, we stayed in church till 6.00am Saturday morning doing the work. That’s considering we worked since 6.00pm, after we were done running around Puchong and PJ for the items. Consider this: Bandar Bkt Puchong – Tesco Puchong – Taman Mayang – IOI Puchong. That’s practically half the LDP okay!So if you were to see the church during Christmas, you had better say how much you love the deco OR ELSE!!!!. Heh.

Went down to KL, specifically Petaling Street with Sewei today to pick up items for the production, and some extra deco items as well. Bought stuff from Macy's - feathers and the works. Got caught in the rain, got my shoes soaking wet.. But it was fun! :D

When in Petaling Street, Sewei bought a white rat to feed the king snake she's helping someone take care of. So I got to watch a National Geographic Special live, right from Sewei's house! Seeing the snake dart around trying to catch the mouse (snake was actually rather dumb..) then finally getting its prey, sinking its fangs into it, coiling its powerfully muscular body around the poor creature, and finally devouring it... wow. Snakes are weirdly fascinating. But only from behind a pane of glass, thank you.

So like I said, I was in church this evening. Not that I did much, basically I watched them rehearse the production (it rocks big time, so you had better not miss it!), then Tefo and I ended up helping Bern with the lighting. Once again, not that I felt I was of much help, lol.

It's funny la, how God works. If everything had gone according to plan, I wouldn't be in KL right now. I'd be somewhere in New Zealand watching sheep (haha) and only returning the night before the production. And if I had been in New Zealand, I wouldn't have managed to help out with the deco and stuff like that. Wouldn't have had this chance to get to know people like Tefo and Bernard better. These two brothers of mine rock big, big time. They are hilariously stupid, kidding. Nah, they're just fun. They really make me laugh, and God knows I lack those people here. I mean, I've always known them, but never really had a chance to work this closely with them. Sewei and Judy? Pfft... haha kidding. I love my sistas.

On a slightly more jakun note, I got a chance to drive Bern's E200K today! Uhms. Sort of la. He was doing lighting and wanted to move the car closer to the side stairs, I was going to the car to get his Oakleys so yealah. Smooth. Power. The side mirrors automatically adjust to show the ground when you put the car in reverse! *big time jakunism* Forget the fact that I had no idea that to put on the handbrake you need to step on some thing next to the brake and to switch on the headlights you need to press a button on your side. :)

My parents are coming tomorrow night (Tuesday)! Which means that I need to clean up tomorrow morning before my mum arrives. Besides, I want the apartment to look its best for Christmas. My first Christmas in this apartment, in KL...! So yes, cleaning the house tomorrow morning, then going off to church around 1pm to do more deco. We'll be spraying patterns on the glass and stuff - Max's idea, as approved by PC. [Like Bern put it, there’s only one main person we need to impress, us deco people. Who, you ask? Who else? The prettiest cat in the ECF family la that’s who, haha.] And a little bit more deco upstairs, which is where we'll be hosting the people after the production. I am so excited! Rushing back at night to greet my parents, who'd prolly be arriving at the apartment around 10ish-11pm.

Visa application for the States in Jln Ampang on Wednesday morning. The plan is that we go apply for the visa, then I drag my parents to KLCC to shop and hopefully watch a movie together? I can't remember the last time we went to the movies together.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also need to mail off Christmas cards, especially to the kids I took care of during the camp in Segamat. J Darn, have to write Chinese! *Searches in vain for a Chinese dictionary*. Die la this time, keke. ;)

Then Lyne comes on Thursday! *excited smile* Woi, confirm with me your plans okay? As in where you'd be staying the first night etc.

My sister straightened her hair! :P I can't wait to see her. I've missed my meimei. :)

Anyway, things are going real good here. I love this family I'm in. This Christmas production is going to rock. I can't wait for Christmas. But at the same time, it'd be nice if time could drag on a little longer.. I want to savour every moment of this time.


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