Thursday, December 01, 2005

I am very happy! Because I handed up all my assignments already! And the lecturers accepted them all! Teehee!!!!!

After slaving away, not knowing night and day for more than a week, I am (more or less) FREE!!!

Okay, next agenda, clean up house.

Lizzie has been amazingly tolerant about what I've made our gorgeous new house into - a tornado-stricken area. During the peak of this afternoon's pre-submission frantics, I messaged her this:
The house is a royal mess. Please don't freak out when you get home.

She said as long as I faster faster clean up (said in a threatening way), it was okay. Heh.

Anyway. I understand that I have not been blogging for some time (loads of work, previous post was ranty), so I will blog happy stuff today! Like how my birthday went last week! Heh.

I arrived back in KL around 10+pm, and rushed off to church for Chinese practice. Yeah, from the airport to ECF. :/ Arrived, hopped off, and left the guys (prearranged d) to help me take my stuff. Including a chair I brought over. That's right, a chair. A nice, maroon-coloured swivel chair imported all the way from my house in Kuching okay!

*Snorts with laughter*

But anyway I'm digressing.

Got a nice Happy Bday sung to me 10minutes before midnight (they read the clock wrongly :P) by Ally, Ade, Chua, Tefo, Nic... and a bunch of other people who were still hanging around church then. Heh.

Judy called from her place to sign me Happy Bday together with Bern, Sewei and I dunno who. :)

Then later around 1+am.... Max, Chiam, Bee Sean, Faith, Aaron, BadBoyJoe, Roy etc came over to my place with some extremely strange things, the photos of which I will post up later....

1. A bunch of notes from Roy and a couple others, stuck on mounting board (which proves we're art students) with (huh?) biscuits stuck on with UHU. Strange. :P

2. A wurvely, lovely bag from Chiamie.... sewn by her la, of course! It's gorgeous!

3. Bee Sean and Faith were mean. They stuffed a Vincci box full of newspaper...wrapped it with more newspaper, and made me rip it open to find... a note that said I'd been punk'd. Then they made me repeat the actions with another box, but this time it had two pairs of lovely earrings in it! Heh. But I still had an entire torn-up edition of The Star lying on my living room floor thanks to them..

Then we played dumb games, talked laugh...and acted stupid. I didn't get thrown into the pool! Hurrah!

Then there was a Campus Champs meeting on Friday evening, where they also celebrated Chris (30Nov) and my (that day) birthday! :D So happy. :D I love being here for bdays, teehee.

Then celebrated Grace's birthday which was a day after mine...

Not to forget, of course, a very special birthday wish to BadBoyJoe... who was born on the same day as me. :) We rock. :P

Hrmmmm I suddenly ran out of inspiration and stuff to write. I guess the exhaustion of the past few days is catching up....

Bern, Liz, Aaron and I went to watch the Zathura mdnight show in Summit USJ yesterday. Wednesday = RM8 tickets so yay! (RM8 for the newer shows, RM6 for older I think. It was a decent show, I suppose, but I still prefer Jumanji.

On the way to Summit, Bern was going quite fast in his 318i while I sat on the nice leather seats wishing that I was the one with my foot on the accelerator... the power that car has is... *drools*....

Yes, yes, I am a speed-affociniado(sp?) now sue me for it. I want a nice power car next time too! :D

Just some quick updates, because I really don't know when's the next time I'll post.

1. Going down to Segamat to help Bee Sean in her Chinese youth camp. Max and Chua leaving on Friday. SNL needs me on Saturday (Deborah can't play either), so I have to go on Sunday. I hope Chun Wen goes on Sunday with me. Brave as I am, traipsing all over KL by myself, the one place I still don't want to go alone to is the ever-freaky Pudu Bus Station. You never know what will happen there.

Meanwhile, I'll be at Segamat for a good few days... for the camp, and maybe help some of the teens there in their studies, and not forgetting, of course, having the famous Segamat Bak Kut Teh... hehe...

2. I couldn't take the weirdness anymore and went to Bern to tell him about how confused and upset I was about the whole situation. He talked to The Guy, brought him up to my place, and we had a very awkward session trying to resolve things. Let's just say that this whole thing didn't just happen... many other things triggered the whole avoidance issue, which I do not want to discuss, plus it's all in the past.

I'm just glad he's gone and I'm here... gives us time to think about this whole thing, and hopefully, pick up the pieces and move on with life. Let's see how mature the both of us are in dealing with the issue, k?

Needless to say, the time when we had to talk was extremely difficult, and painful especially for me. I couldn't look at him properly, he didn't throw a single glance my way the whole time... I don't know about him, but I wish so hard things didn't have to be this way.... Can't we just be happy once again?

3. More happy stuff! ECF is having a cool Christmas production called 'The God You Are Looking For'. If I'm not mistaken, it'll be on the 23Dec (SNL), 24Dec (Sunday), and culminate in a Christmas celebration on the 25th. Yay! More enquiries email them!

Okay no more blabbing. Off to clean house before Lizzie comes back and smashes my head open with a (non-existent) pickaxe!


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