Friday, December 02, 2005

I am hungry. And I am waiting for Lizzie to come back from IOI with my shredded chicken noodles from Esquire Kitchen.

*Stomach growls hungrily at the thought*

I don't know how I could have forgotten to mention this, but I did anyway, I'm going to make up for it. :P

Lizzie bought me Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes for my birthday le!!!!!! :D

Plum Sykes is...a socialite / contributor to US Vogue... so when I first saw her book in Popular not too long ago, I picked it up, read the first few pages and couldn't stop raving about it. So the smart girl decided to put an end to my misery by buying the book for me, lol... :)

It is a very nice book! Go buy it! Typical chick lit la, but still very nice! Especially if you're interested in the inner workings of the New York fashion / socialite world.

Anyway. Semester is O.F.F.I.C.I.A.L.L.Y over with the handing up of my assignment to my Textiles lecturer. Oh, I know, my dreams of a GPA of 3.5 and above this semester just might as well crash and burn now, but with all that's been happening? Can pass already happy okay. But not PX la please... Got loads of hope against all hopes for Bs.

I can now officialy sleep in...sleep late...and play the Very Addictive Need For Speed Most Wanted that I loaned from Max. As well as the Equally Addictive The Sims 2 which I have delayed installing until now that I loaned from Aaron. And watch multiple episodes of The Simpsons! (Courtesy of Aaron-boy again) Watch movies - both pirated and non-pirated! Harry Potter, that's right! :D

Heh. So I am obviously very happy that I don't need to set foot in the college for a while...

I'm also filling in the visa application form for visiting the US as a tourist. Nothing's confirmed yet, but I just might be heading for LA for a couple of days next year with my family. I hope it works out..... don't know what the family finances are like, but I'll settle for New Zealand if the States plans fall through... I told my dad that as long as my passport gets stamped, my bum gets a rash from sitting too long, and I get to eat at least 2 meals on board the plane, I'm more than happy. :) Not asking too much la hor?

Anyway, tomorrow's still going to be a typical Saturday, what with a YOF meeting, then practice for SNL etc. So no chance just yet to do the sleep-in thing... And then gotta back for Segamat. I can't believe today is Friday. It feels so...unFriday la.

On a sadder note, it's hard to believe how quickly two weeks have passed since my grandma's passing. Life is so short.