Sunday, December 04, 2005

Feel very hyper la! :P

I just came back from...uh, a lot of places actually. First SNL... then after that, a bunch of us (Aaron, Lizzie, Chun Wen, Ivan and I) followed Judy to get some stuff for Siao Wei's birthday...

Went to Giant in Kelana Jaya first to buy a slice of cake and some gifts for her... during which I spotted a Burger King (!!!!!!) and sped in there to get the French Chicken meal which I absolutely love... (more than Swiss Mushroom, even! It's the only chicken burger anywhere that I adore!)

Then we went to Siao Wei's place in Bandar Utama where we surprised her with the cakes and gifts... she was so touched! Hehe... Siao Wei's a very adorable girl la.

WIth all that done, we proceeded to eat in 'Hawaii' - the Ming Tien foodcourt in Taman Megah. Why 'Hawaii'? Cos their theme there is very Hawaiian...coconut trees and palm trees all around, with the waiters in floral print shirts! Wah. Ming Tien there is like... I dunno, a foodcourt night spot. There was house music booming out from the Heineken/Carlsberg/Tiger/whatever stall near where we were... and fascinatingly, there were two Carlsberg girls walking around with a guy who was carrying a flat panel monitor on his back le! Yeah, you read right, a 15" LCD flat panel monitor... they were promoting Carlsberg merchandise, me thinks.

Can you believe - I ate again?! It must be the PMS + hyperness + end of semester joy (I'm digressing here, but last sem, once I handed up everything, it was off to 1U with Jac and Liz for a shopping plus EATING session at Fish & Co. where I stuffed myself as well!). I had a Portuguese grilled fish... 3 slices... RM10. Which means I paid around RM22 for my dinner/supper. RM11ish for BK..and the grilled fish... not including the watermelon medium drink I had.

Yes! Carol stuffed herself today!

Actually I feel very nauseated at the idea of food now... the thought of the BK-grilled fish sitting in my stomach

Eh don't get me wrong ah.. all these spending is very rare indeed! My dinners usually don't go above RM6 one...

Anyway, I was super-hyper la! I was yakking yakking yakking non-stop.. talking about goodness-knows-what.. Then laughing about dumb things, goodness...

Conked out on the way back. My highs don't last that long okay.

Leaving via Uncle Taxi for Pudu with Chun Wen tomorrow at 9am. Hope to catch an early bus to Segamat.. where I cn disturb Bee Sean, teehee. And eat Bak Kut Teh - urgh, okay, no more food talk...

Will be gone for around 4-5 days, coming back in time for practice on Thursday, and to celebrate Ally Ka Che's bday on Friday...or whatever day...

Don't miss me too much while I'm gone, heh. ;)

Going back upstairs with Aaron who's going to help me install Need For Speed! Hah! Shower, Pack, and GAME.... oh, okay, QT needed as well.. but man, I really feel like racing today. Then sleep. Or can't wake up tomorrow ma die?

I know I sound super-hyper.. but heh! Don't mind me! And don't mind the numerous exclamation marks! Nah!!!! now. :D