Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My parents and sister are going back tomorrow. Heh.

In the period of this one week or so, several fights have erupted (sigh), loads of places have been visited, loads of money spent on taxi fare... and shopping.

I officially have my new wardrobe, for starters. As well as a corkboard from IKEA to pin up all my treasured notes from other people. :)

I also had two checkups to determine my suitability for Lasik. Basically, I am quite a suitable candidate, just that the doctor thinks I should give it another year or so; just to let my degree really stabilise, allow puberty to end (there's a chance for my to grow taller! Yay!!!), and hopefully see that my corneal thickness increases. Right now, it's pretty much at his borderline, at around 285microns. But time is on my side, he says. Btw, if you are contemplating Lasik, go Vista Vision in The Curve @ Mutiara Damansara! It's so good! Plus it's the largest Lasik centre in Malaysia lei..:P Nevermind, I will be without my glasses in a year or so! I don't mind the wait! :D

Christmas celebration was beyond great... I was so, so happy here during Christmas!Really, I can't remember the last Christmas I had that was so joy-filled! I received loads of presents (keke, mostly chocolate) and gave out quite a bit of presents as well. And I loved the giving part! Truly, it is so blessed to give! :D

Well, they say pictures speak more than a thousand words, so I will attempt to communicate my Christmas in picture-form:

Picture 1: The African sisters singing a capella. How their voices blend together so harmoniously is beyond my powers of comprehension. Beautiful.....

Picture 2: Wen Hao, I and Jay. Two extremely sweet brothers from IMU. :) They're nice la, the both of them. Heh. *hugs*

Picture 3: Yean Ching and I. Ching! We were going to do those normal shots when she said it'll be nicer to hug. I complied... and after the photo was taken... I noticed Sewei hanging in the background. Muka tebal. :P

Picture 4: Lyne and I. Lyne went to church 3 days in a row! Hehehe.... :D

Picture 5: Bernard and I. Bern is *coughs* taller than me only in this picture. ;) Teehee.

Picture 6: My family with Pastor Tim. As usual, pastor delivered a dynamic, humourous, yet full-of-truth message.

Picture 7: My family (excluding me) with PC. Pretty in pink! :)

Then later on in the evening, we went for a family Christmas dinner with my cousins, aunts and uncles. Not everyone went though.

Picture 8: The cousins together. I wurve wurve wurve 'em all! :D

Anyway, too many things have happened to be able to properly put them all on at once. Sharon says I have too many words, plus I don't want to use Max's laptop for too long. I will load more pictures into my Multiply, as usual. Once I get a chance to do so.

Till then, a very belated Christmas greeting from me! Remember, we are the reason that He gave His life.....

Note: The stupid Blogger refused to publish my pictures. MEAN! Will upload another time. Meanwhile, tease your imaginations by wondering what the pictures look like...:P