Friday, December 23, 2005

Sitting in computer lab in college with my mum. Haha. Can you believe it? Lol...

Anyway, just came up to college with my mum to update some financial stuff. Transportation was graciously provided by the now cooler-looking *gags* Bernard Chia.. :P

Going down to meet Lyne later. She's coming with her cousin, so I think it's a better idea for us to meet in church (I want to check on the deco) before proceeding to go to Pyramid for a haircut, maybe a movie? I dunno... we see how lar.

Actually I really want to be in church tonight for the first day of production, but I really don't know if it's possible. I really hope so though! I really, really hope loads and loads of people turn up for this, because it's superb! So much effort has gone into this whole production! :) I am so, so proud of everyone. Sure, at the moment they might be a little nervous (haha Mei Fung and Arthur messed up their lines quite some yesterday night during the full-dress rehearsal) but I know they'll all rock tonight. :) As well as everyone else.

Went down to The Curve in Mutiara Damansara yesterday to check out Vista Vision. Considering, just considering getting Lasik done. But nothing's confirmed yet. I have a prelim checkup next Tuesday. We'll see how this goes.

I managed to get in 6hours sleep yesterday night, mainly because I couldn't take the sleep deprivation anymore. I have been sleeping less than two hours every night, with hour-long naps snatched whenever possible. As a result, my ugly side has been showing. I've been cranky, crabby, mean, short-tempered etc... like I've mentioned before, I'm very emotionally fragile.... so I had to sleep.

Anyway, gotta leave. Bern's chaoing already. Free ride! Lol..keke... :P


At 3:55 AM, Blogger E said...

Oi! SiaW Cha Boh!! Merry Christmas!! God bless u!! have a GR8 Christmas & New year! :D i'll b BACK in less than 2 weeks!! WwOoHhOoOO!!! will u b home in Kch 4 me 2 torture u?! :Þ


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