Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I'll be going up to Cameron Highlands with family tomorrow. Various cousins, aunties and uncles. We'll be having a ball of a time, eating steamboat in the cold weather, playing games like Taboo, Cluedo, and Pictionary. My cousins will take the opportunity to torture me, I'm sure, and make sure that I am humiliated beyond words...okay I was kidding.

For those of you mischievious quarters, I'll be staying in a country cottage, quite private and accessible only via a small road (I think). Unwelcome visitors will be eaten up by vicious guard dogs... ;) So don't go about getting any ideas in your heads. :)

I'm looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year! My grandma's not feeling too well though, but NVM! All is well, and I thank God that she's still here.

Well, enjoy yourselves, everyone! Don't be too much of a glutton, and collect lots of ang pows! As for those of you guys who are giving ang pows, well, have fun le. Give and you shall greatly receive... :D


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Enjoyed a lot! »


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