Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jess Chan is in town!

We went out for a hawker dinner in Tabuan Jaya, checked out the Vincci in Tun Jugah, visited Travillion, and finally ended up in Expert Food Court @ Jln Song. (Where we had more of those yummy chicken wings and delicious 5-layer Teh C Peng.

Jess had the (dubious) honour and privilege to be introduced to Jason and Edison. They have pegged her as one of their own... prawn-talking wise, that is. Watching Jason and Edison is like watching a two-man comedy show. That's why enjoy being out with them. Barring the times when I become their object of torture, of course.

Speaking of which, they briefed Jess on the story. Idiots.

We're going out for a kueh chap brunch tomorrow in what Cuz says (and I know) is the best Kueh Chap in Kuching. Yay!

Speaking of which... I still hope he's fine. Awww... *hugs an unseen Cuz*


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