Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm sick.

I caught a nasty flu bug this afternoon - it was either Pepper's fur that aggravated my nose, or the extreme cold in the classroom. Therefore I'm sneezing pathetically.

However, that did not stop me from going to the Euro Fair in MJC where I sat on two rides, and spent money trying to win the cutest cow plushie on earth (it was holding a daisy in its mouth!). I failed. Miserably. *Cries*

The rides are quite fun, and the fact that was I out with friends meant that I didn't have my mum there to stop me from getting on the rides. However, two was the most I could take because I conveniently 'ate' a lot of air while screaming, and ended green-faced.

Didn't puke though, unlike Jason Wong, haha.

Going back sgain some time just to take in a couple more rides (NOT including Extreme, that crazy free-fall 360degrees ride), and to try win that cow plushie. Could someone please win it for me too?

Off to sleep, after watching a bit more of Harry Potter IV. Btw, am in a bit of a bad mood swing today. I think it must be the whole PMS issue. Stupid hormones.


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