Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Short note: This has got to be the first time I'm not prepared to go back to Big Bad KL.

I bummed today, big time, because I'm currently hooked onto the CSI: Season 5 that my godsister lent me. I completed 11 episodes yesterday and today, thanks to the convenience of a laptop and headphones. *hugs laptop* And all these in the comfort of my bed in my room and my multiple pillows! :D

I managed to catch Edison and Ping this evening, mainly because that silly boy (heh) left his charger in my car. So since I'm a wonderful person, I drove to his house to give it back to him. Caught him eating dinner and ended up yakking with Ping and him for awhile before leaving to pick Cuz. I'm going to miss (Argh! What am I saying?! Oh no!) that bugger but word has it that he'll be in Kuching for some time. Hrmmm.

The city's going to collapse from noise pollution.

Picked Cuz to go practice before heading home to enjoy the crabs prepared by my dad.

Picked him up again after practice, with Lyne, then went to meet Max to collect my house keys as well as hand over the L.I.V.E book responsibilities.

At my place, the boy received a phone call stating that the super barista was needed to make more potions drinks for the customers so we went off to Tao.

Cuz made me a bar special but it wasn't on scholarship.. :( :P It was.. uh... called something that didn't mean anything. Lyne's was First cut is the deepest and I can't remember what mine was for the life of me. It had loads of coffee (which probably explains why I'm still bright-eyed and chirpy) and was supposed to have a bit of alco (Irish cream?) but I couldn't taste much. Unfortunately. But thanks anyway, Cuz! *hugs*

Yalah so after everything I sent them all to Max's place because I really couldn't drive them home. Had to come back and pack.

I go off tomorrow. I wish I had done more back home this time, but because I was working, I couldn't really meet up with everyone I wanted to. So here's a short little thing...

Jason: I do, do wish we could've hung out a wee bit more. But you were oh-so-tied up with work, plus you didn't want to puke anymore at the Euro fair (haha!) so I guess.. oh well. Next time! And this time, please bring back those chocolates from the Cadbury factory in Tassie that you kept telling me about. :P Take care, O Loud and Noisy one. :P

Feli: Once really wasn't enough, but things didn't really go as planned. I promise you much, much more time next time around k? Great job with the Blogger's meet, and yes, you can use that picture we took then for your Pixart album. ;) *huggies!*

Ben: Benny!!!! :( You come back weird time for CNY, then when you were back end of the year I wasn't around. :( But at least you didn't get to bully me HAHA. Enjoy Sabah, see you next time k?

Ian titi: Thank you a million million million times over for my Full Metal Panic! Season 3!!!! You're the best lah, bro. Oh and the Honey and Clover! But I wish I could have the whole season. NVM! Next time! And I'll pay you! :D *hugs*

And everyone else is either in KL, or in another time zone. So I guess that'll have to wait. :)

Well.. I just completed the burning for the remaining episodes of CSI. I *heart* CSI. Download! :D

The plane leaves in exactly 6 hours and I don't think I'll be seeing Kuching for the next one year. And if I do come back before that, it had better not be something bad that forces me back.

KL... I'm returning. I'm happy, but I feel like I have unfinished business in Kuching. However, I'm glad that I can return to the place where... I guess I feel I really belong. And no, I don't mean the big city. I mean....

Yeah, I mean them.


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