Wednesday, January 11, 2006

*Looks at drenched self*

*Picks out stray bits of fur from hands, and glances at the carpet stuck to shirt*

Bathing my dog, was a sopping wet, exciting, stressful, soapy experience.

Pepper gave me such a hard time bathing him today! He wasn't as docile and peaceful as last week when I bathed him. No, this time, he was determined to get as much water, soap and fur on me as possible.

He wriggled everywhere, squirmed lke a worm, and worst of all he did what all wet dogs do - shake his water and fur all over the place in MY HOUSE! At least the dining area. The new daily helper had just mopped the floor and now - now I have to do it again.

*Looks at Pepper in the carpark*

*Ignores the little whines from him as he begs to be let in*

Next time around, I'm entering the warzone better prepared.


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