Sunday, January 08, 2006

Whew. What a conversation.

I'm sure you get what I mean, Lyne. ;)

I stand firm to what I've always said: In every misunderstanding and conflict, both sides are at fault. That is for sure. Though one party may feel more wronged than the other, I find it hard to believe (if not impossible) that there is any conflict where there's only one party to blame.

And besides, none of us are perfect you see. We all learn from our mistakes. And from that, we teach others to not make the same mistakes. That's why Romans 8:28 says that 'All things work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes'!

And it all boils down to our self-discipline, time management and maturity la. I speak for myself - I realise that I have many many things to change, especially where all these time things are concerned. I mean, if you don't have proper time management, no matter how much free time you have, it's also not of much use, right?


I also find it very sad that a (relatively) good friend of mine is going through a tough time. He puts on a brave face (more or less) but I can see it in his actions, the difference in his attitude, his plans. And like another friend said, his eyes give it all away. They are so... sad!

After all, the eyes are the windows to your soul, remember? It's hard to disguise sadness in your eyes.

I pray for the best in his future... and really want to give him a BIG HUGE comforting bear hug...

Work tomorrow. Early, early. I wanted the other job, but family commitments tie me down here.....


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