Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm back in Kuching. Back in the land of RM2 food, yummy drinks and most importantly, family.
The cousin's wedding is tomorrow. My mum, sis and I were having fun playing dress-up. I have my first ever LBD, people! It's a knee-length halter. Sweet.
I need to go off to sleep now. I'll wash and blow-dry my hair tomorrow morning, or should I say, 5 hours from now. Goodness, I am conked.
Was supposed to bring back my beloved baby, but I left her in Bern's car. The horror. He called me when I was already on the ERL and went, 'Uh, Carol? You left thing here,'
'Black thing?'
'Yeah...the one you called your baby?'
'Oh my goodness.........!!!!!'
Sigh. At least she's in safe hands...I think. *Stares daggers at Bern* Don't even THINK of a new laptop, Bern! :D
I had kolo mee already. And I won't get to see Kenneth, Jackee's twin. That's sad. I wanted to see if the twin is as eurgh goodlooking as he is. Heh. Kidding. Really. :)
J is goodlooking and he knows it.
Anyway, the time is playing havoc with my brain. And I need to look my most gorgeous for tomorrow! And since I'm back home, it'll be pictures galore, people! :)


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