Monday, September 19, 2005


Their first daughter is Yu En. She is 1 year old and absolutely gorgeous. I wonder what the new daughter will be called. Since Yu En means universal grace, will they name the new baby Yu Ai (universal love) or something like that? Teehee. xP

And Bee Kim made it past Mission Sunday yesterday!

Mission Sunday was organised by kidzoo kidzone yesterday to support Si Peng and Ren Chun, our people in China. It was so fun, and pictures will be up in my Multiply really really soon! The kids were so adorable, going around with their paper top-hats polishing shoes, selling cookies, nasi lemak, and serenading people. Oh, yes, Bee Kim's the head zookeeper leader of kidzone. Can you imagine? This close to her going into labour and she was still so vibrant, promoting the event.

Mission Sunday was a roaring success! All the coupons were sold within 3 Sundays, and they were all gone halfway through the event yesterday. Yup, all RM3000 worth of coupons. Then people started paying in cash. With a church of only about 300 people, of while less than 200 prolly attended the event yesterday, can you imagine how much a person spent on average? I bought RM20 worth, Lizzie too, and I know Pastor bought 13 ok! We're such a servant-hearted church with generous spirits!

But, the highlight of the day below, Visa Mastercard advertisement-style:

1 packet of nasi lemak: RM4.00
1 hotdog: RM2.00
Cost of a shoe-shine: RM1.00
Cheesecake: RM3.00

Watching Kelvin Lim dance and sing to the music of La Bamba: Priceless

Some things in life cannot be bought. For everything else, there's Kidzone Mission Sunday coupons!


Oh then Bern dropped me off at Megamall where I met up with people I haven't seen in donkey's years! I met up with the very wonderful Jess Lim, Gerardine Tan, Audrey Kho, Eileen and Crazy Hanna!

We walked around buying stuff in Carrefour and basically just hanging out. However, I had to leave for my Midautumn Festival dinner with my family around 6.30pm.

Pictures to be up really soon, I promise! I'll put some here once I figure out how to put pictures on Blogger, but I'll post the rest in Multiply where you can rip it off! I don't want you to take a million years to load this blog okay? :)

Oh and I must mention one thing: I was up around KL till 3.00am on Saturday to celebrate Max's birthday! Right after SNL and stuff like that, Bern and Joe drove us to some beef noodle place near Corona Inn at Jln Alor to feast. Yummylicious! Then we went to this place called HaLo where we wanted to listen to some blues but it was closing as it was 1am! :( Off to Bangsar where I can now say I was at Bangsar at a crazy hour but blah, Bangsar not happening enough then lah. I still think SNL is the most happening place on a Saturday night. All that was happening in Bangsar was alcohol (not cool) and smoke (also not cool) and lousy music (blah). I think the 100Yen shop we visited was more fun.

Then off to A&W PJ, which is 24-hours to eat some more (my goodness, the calories!) talk, make silly lame jokes, and making silly home-videos.

I slept at 4.00am and crawled up at 8.00am for Chinese Service. After all the hullabaloo yesterday, I was flat out, I tell you. Just flat flat out. And I still am.

But oh, tragedy, there's class now so I can't sleep. :(


I think I'll go into more detail of my extremely fun night out in the next post! :)


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