Monday, September 12, 2005

Overheard in my class this afternoon:
Lecturer: W, where is E?
W: Oh her boyfriend is here so she is with him

A few minutes later...

Lecturer: W, where is J?
W: Oh her boyfriend is sick so she's with him


I mean, like, wtheck? Yalah, fine, he's your boyfriend and you think you love him but what, that makes you his maid ah? Or is that the modern-day version of 'Teacher teacher I'm sick *fake cough* so I can't make it to class today'?

So I can only imagine what J is doing with her boyfriend. From what I know of her, I find it hard to imagine her puttering around the house, being a little Florence Nightingale, giving the boyfriend an ice-cold compress, and cooking him gross highly nutritious(!) chicken soup with chinese herbs, while fussing over him like a mother hen.

Right. More like they're making out now. Haha! :P

When did Carol become so mean? Lol.....

I really detest it when these ah-lian girls get together with their ah-kua boyfriends and become so touchy-feely, emotional, 'honey-i-love-you-like'. That's when they change their status on friendster to 'married' (edison, not you. HAHA!) and call each other 'lau-kong' and 'lau-po'. (That's Chinese for 'hubby' and 'wife')

It's so gross when the girls talk to each other and they go 'Eh, so how's your lau-kong today ah?' and the girl being talked to gives this shy little giggle and goes 'Hehe... he's okay! Your lau-kong leh? You been good to him or not?'

*Pukes volumes*

Eh hello, excuse me, he is not your husband nor are you his wife. What, you pay bills together meh? You have a legal, binding contract that states that you are lawfully wedded?

Get this straight about what you are: GIRLFRIEND AND BOYFRIEND. And I'm being nice. I have a million other things to call it but I won't.

So you see hor, in the whole process right, it goes like this:

friends -> boy/girlfriend -> fiance(e) -> husband/wife

Like that only correct la! And you are one, no, two, steps away from the final part!

So please do me and the entire universe a favour and stop lau-kong/po-ing each other. Especially so if you switch 'husbands' every few months/years or so.

Example of a friendster 'about me' section:
...I love my new lau-kong veli veli much! He is so nice to me! Lau-kong, I luv luv you and promise u we be veli happy together forever okay?! ^:*

Yeah, if you have 500 forevers to give to each and every other guy you've been with.

Ooooh these people just sicken me so much!


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At 7:09 PM, Blogger E said...

HEhheHEHe..... WWwOoOHhhOo~ i HhHaCTuALlLy haf my name mentioned here!! JuS REALISED !~!! HEhhE... eh .. turn ur spam filter on pls... dun let all these stupid spammers get u... n BTW... i'm STILL MARRIED!! MY case.. DIFFERENT okAaaYy!! u wanna BET!? HOW MUCH??? RM500 says i'll get married 2 Ping... K ?? Kkk?? OoKkKaAaAYY?!!? HehE.. meet me in... 7 yrs time... :D SO THERE!! NAh NAH nAH nAh Pu Pu~~ HahHAhAHa~~!! EeE.. LaU KoNNngg... LaU PuOoooO~~!!! EeeeeYYyEeeRRrRR!!! aAaAaIIiYYEeERRr!!! i LuB YeW EeeRRr.. So d VeWI MucHHHh!! EEEEEeeeWwwWWwwWw YUUUUUCCCKKK!!!!

At 1:21 PM, Blogger carol said...

:) OKAY! Hahahaha.... Nah I won't bet RM500. I got better things to do with that amount LOL! Don't go lau-poing around can liaw!

At 5:30 PM, Blogger E said...

HAhAH! ok ok ... :D ONE lau puo enuf liao!! HAhA!

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