Friday, September 16, 2005

Ha I got my designs approved. So now they're sitting upstairs while I surf around the net to 'relax', you know what I mean?

I'm boycotting Makanlah, the Very Expensive Cafeteria in school. They just had an absurd price increase. RM7 for chicken chop, when the original price was RM5?! Excuse me?! You think we all millionaires ah? RM5 for chap fan with one vegetable (half an egg tofu/a few straggly strands of vegetable) and one meat (a puny piece of chicken)? Hello? We Malaysia or Somalia?

Stupidlah, really.

So yalah, my plan is to buy a thermos flask! Yes! Like the ones you used ot bring to primary school a million years ago! And I will then resolve to actually wake up early enough in the morning to cook and bring my nice, home-cooked, yummy, cheap food to college! That way, I wouldn't feel like I'm being ripped off every single day!

Or I could just skip lunch and eat a very late one at home... but then... hungry la, so how?

Or maybe I should just have a heavy breakfast. Like, one High Five (oh, I know, High 5 sucks but no Gardenia in college :( ) and maybe one fishball stick and a packet of Milo or something like that. That will definitely keep me filled.

Haih. Eating dilemmas.

Boycott Makanlah! Grrrr......

A Lantern Fest tonight for our Campus Champs project! Ally, Max, Roy, Bee Sean and I (named the PKL [pau-ka-liao) Group) will be having a little thing with a few oikos in Vista Millenium. Something that involves mooncakes, lanterns, and hopefully throwing Max into the adjoining lake and leaving him there. Teehee. Good idea, yes? Quite the perfect birthday present for him, IMHO. :P

Can someone please tell me the easiest and most convenient way of posting photos up on blogspot? And how I can put my display pic? I tried the pukika or pikika or whatever programme...but...dunno le...

Gotta run! There's a briefing for our cheongsam fashion show now! :)


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