Thursday, September 15, 2005

I uploaded pictures to my Multiply! Go there and check them out!

It's not all I wanted to upload...but I had to be quick.

Anyway, there's work to be done. Can you believe that today, I got to college early, sat down in class with everyone else and... the class rep, Shirley's phone rang. Oh, lecturer got very bad flu cannot come to class. Garh..

But on the other hand can do my pattern drafting! However, I spent the rest of the supposed class time catching up on much needed sleep alone in the design room.

So now I'm all bright and chirpy and ready to go cut! Thank God no class man. I hadn't finished the assignment. Teehee.

And I thought I'll finally put in a blogger picture. And ahlian looking one, no less! Or maybe the other... whatever it is, if you see the peace sign one, it's obviously ahlian-ified on PURPOSE!

Okay. Random thoughts completed. Goodbye!


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