Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Watch out, Malaysian men. Below is a post targeted at you.

Malaysian men are utterly ungentlemenly. They couldn't care less about the welfare of us women, as they are just too preoccupied with their little bits of life that they fail to see that there are people around them who desperately need help.

Take what happpened this morning to me for example:

I was waiting for the KLIA Transit in the airport. I had with me a huge luggage bag, a monitor box weighing 18kgs, and 2 paper bags. They were sitting happily in trolley until the train arrived.

Then I needed to move those things on.

Now right, it wouldn't have been much of a problem if the doors of the stupid trains hadn't insisted on closing every 5 seconds or so. So there I was, a girl, struggling with extremely heavy luggage, trying to load them into the train. And there were these...CREATURES called Malaysian men all around me, boarding and exiting the train. Passing right by me. Did they even bother to HELP?


They just went on with their little businesses. All caught up with life. Forgetting things called 'morals', 'civics' and 'courtesy'.

It was a lady who helped me get the things on.

What's wrong with you, Malaysian men?

Oh I know, us women always ask for equality and yeah, equality is needed in some areas e.g. jobs. But surely you should retain some of your maleness and be chivalrous enough to help a lady?

Or have you guys always been such apes?

I don't mind if you do it with a sour face, really, because it's better than nothing right? But to be in my position today, having truckloads of the male species just walk past me that way with stopping to help... it was just horrible!

It happens on the Metrobus too. Young men sit on the seats while pregnant and old ladies cling on for their dear lives no thanks to the crazy antics of the bus drivers.

In my 2 years here, and in countless Metrobus seats, I have yet to see a single male rise up graciously, and offer his seat to a lady in need. Not even to an old, almost blind and probably rheumatic uncle.

However, at the risk of sounding prejudiced, I would say that maybe those people can be given a bit of a leeway because they don't exactly look educated. No offence, but Metrobus-patrons will understand. So they are kind of excused.

But those educated, distinguished-looking men with briefcases, ties, shiny, polished shoes and suits in KLIA today?

There's no excuse.

Malaysian men, you should be ashamed of yourself.

This Merdeka, why don't you be different? Be corteous to women around you. Start a new Malaysian culture. Don't mempersia-soikan the name of our country. After all, the last time I checked, we're 15 years away from Vision 2020, not still living in the Stone Age.

Edited: I know a minute amount of you guys out there are actually gentlemen, and I appreciate that. Thank you. But could please teach your fellow species the art of being a gentleman please?


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