Monday, September 19, 2005

I am in a slightly more composed mood, so I will talk about Saturday in detail! :D Bear with me, yes? I enjoyed Saturday too much to not talk about it!

Woke up in the morning to go for my very first jamming session with 1am youth... I've been very busy the past few weeks, so I couldn't make it then! But anyway... the session was so cool! Deborah wrote a song, without its chords, so she, Neil, Steph, Caleb and I collaborated to form the chords, the melody of the song etc. Therefore, if it appears on the album or anything like that, my name will be there! Heh. Exciting, yes? And we all need to come up with our own songs as well!

Then we went for lunch at IOI mall where I got naughty and ate KFC in McD's... shopped for foundation at Guardian where I got a real steal: Maybelline's Wonderfinish which usually costs RM39.90 at RM28.88! Not bad eh?

Popular, where I introed Steph to Cecilia Ahern's Where Rainbows End, which is a wonderful book! Bought some book which was on sale which I obviously have not read nor wrapped yet.

SNL practice was at 3pm, as usual. I thank God for giving this chance these few months to play more and prove myself, by His grace!

Anyway, we had Pastor Mervin Jayaseela from PlanetShakers Perth preach. It was great! He did a great session complete with altar calls and stuff.

Now, you must understand that altar calls are quite a rarity in ECF. Not because the leaders don't believe in the Holy Spirit or whatever, but more because they (I think) don't want it to be too common and lose its power. It happens, you know, where people get too used to the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Anyway. After a very wonderful session, it was off to the beef noodles place near Jln Alor! A bowl with wantan mee mee, minced beef on it, and a bowl of yummy beef soup with super-tender beef strips. Grrr...I promise pictures once I upload them from the camera! :/ Quite reasonable too... A small bowl of mee and soup plus a cup of leong fun (cincau) only cost RM5! Max paid for me, which is terrible, really, considering that it was his birthday we were celebrating. I should have been the one paying for him (

Obviously, when you have a bunch of fun-loving, LUCT students around, you inevitably get loads of lame jokes and funny actions. Therefore, I laughed and laughed the whole time. Joe being our entertainer also helped. He is seriously funny. Jase, Ben and Edison (look! Your name again! Haha!), I think I got your substitute here already! Heh.

Drove one big round only to get back to the same area... Hai Lo or Halo or whatever the name of the place was. It looked nice, and there was this group performing inside. Two guys who played the guitar and a girl. One of the guys could sing really, really well! Too bad the place was closing up. Two shops down was The Wall, where loads of people were crammed into as there was a live blues and jazz performance going on. But for me, the highlight was seeing a while classic Mercedes convertible with its top down! Cool la.

Off to Bangsar where they have uber cool graffiti. We were opposite Illusions and Modestos. Oh and I saw the Grappa in Bangsar too! It was closed pretty early though. Obviously with the area being Bangsar and stuff, it was pretty.... complicated la, so while waiting for Bern and the rest to arrive, those of us in Joe's car went up to the 100yen Japanese shop to look around.

Wanted to go to Starbucks when the rest arrived but it was 2am and Starbucks was closing.

Now I'll be honest. Bangsar really isn't that cool and I wasn't very comfortable there. It felt really weird, and unsafe. Now I, being the simple, uncomplicated and domesticated girl that I am, didn't want to do as much as cross the road without one of the guys with me. *hugs Chun Wen and Max*

The air around Bangsar just reeked of alcohol and smoke. Unhealthy. There were weird guys around, rich socialites (Bern's E200K totally blended in) and girls with all sorts of skimpy clothes around. I tell you, we looked so out of place there with our extremely simple dressing!

There was even a clothing boutique open! I told Lizzie it probably caters to those girls who overdrink, puke, and need new clothes.

Yalah. So that was Boring Bangsar at 2am. Max remarked that the people were probably at TwelveSI, Zouk, or Nuovo. All downtown KL.

Anyway. The 24-hours A&W in PJ. Talked, laughed and made silly videos. I had a waffle with ice-cream that was quite wasted, since I only ate slightly more than a quarter of it.

I was quite stoned when I reached home. I crashed right after washing my face... and proceeded to be quite stoned the whole of Sunday.

But! Saturday was so, so fun! But it's definitely not something that'll be happening often; for one thing, it's expensive to drive to KL! Therefore last Saturday was definitely one of those once-in-a-green-striped-pink-moon days.

Happy, happy belated birthday to MAX! The super-talented, naughty, good-looking brother of mine. It's such an honour to serve with a guy like him who has such a passion for God and is so servant-hearted! Cheers! :)


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