Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm supposed to be packing.....I leave in seven six hours.

But I'm like, Carol, you know? SO naturally I leave my packing till three hours before I leave. Or something along those lines la.

I work better under a tight deadline. Which does not justify last minute work for assignments, though. That cannot be done last minute. Or you die. Yours truly has done one too much of that in previous semesters.

So it's been a good trip back...what with seeing lovely cousins and making restitution and yes, even the horrid nightmare. But I suppose good came out of that. It's strengthened my stand that sex should only be saved for marriage.

I have 10 designs and fabric swatches due on 1September. I'm dead. When am I going to have the time to get stupid fabric swatches for that idiot Azren?! bah.

Ian titi is the sweetest. *hugs* :)

Max L. remember what I said! :)

Bye bye, beloved hometown till end of December. Christmas will be in big, bad KL for me this year. Large production for Christmas. I'm not going to miss this for the world!

Cheers, loved ones!


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