Thursday, September 22, 2005

Welcome to Malaysia, people.

I read this article the other day in the Star about how we Malaysians have a 'Mega Sale Mentality'. Want people to apply for a new MyKad? Don't threaten them with fines; offer them a free MyVi instead! You know, that kind of thing.

So, yesterday, while going to IOI to celebrate Roy's bday at Pizza Hut, this is what we witnessed the moment we stepped inside:

Wah! So many people! The usually empty office-linking foyer was chockful of people.

At first, we were like 'Wahliueh. What on earth is happening?'

Then it hit me: Oh yeah! The 50% off traffic fines ends the day after tomorrow!

Welcome to Malaysia, everyone.

We arrived at IOI around 7.15pm. The queue was horribly long, with the people snaking from the police booth to the stores nearby, eventually ending at a nearby empty shop. Goodness. There were at least what, 500 people there, just waiting to hand over their traffic fines?

When we left at 9.30pm, there were still at least 200 hundred people there. WAH!

We walked past them, kinda sniggering. I think they were shooting daggers at us. If looks could kill, I'd have died multiple times over yesterday.

Haha...what la... you had an entire month to pay, but in true Malaysian fashion, you wait till the day before the sale period ends to pay together, with the rest of Malaysia.

Haha! I feel so mean.

Because Blogger sucks when it comes to the uploading of pictures, you shall have to come to my Multiply to look at it. Go la! :P You'd enjoy yourself...I promise. Teehee.

Oh oh and I'll be uploading the other piccies soon! After I hand in my assign la, that is. :P


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