Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I feel indignant.

I am Very Indignant because I was dunked in the pool just now, courtesy of Max the Meanie.

It's Roy's birthday! Happy birthday, Roy!

Yalah. That's why I got dunked into the pool. You think what, I like jumping into the pool on a whim izzit?

Only Roy was supposed to go in. However, in process of trying to push him in, Chiam and I went into. 2 girls and 1 guy. Max's fault. He didn't go in, and neither did Jackee.

Unfair. Revenge is a-waiting them.

Not only did I get wet, I scraped my knee pretty badly and my slipper was torn. :( *cries*

Therefore, I now have 2 strips of transparent Hansaplast on my right knee. The ironic thing is that I just purchased the plasters, thinking 'hey, cool. Transparent plasters. I wonder when I'll get to use them'

Smart move, Carol.

Need to buy new slippers d! Probably some Hawaiianas from Bata or something.....

I feel like throwing some people into the pool. Specifically Max. Repeatedly. Until he gets hypothermia and a lungful of water. And then throw Jackee in just for extra satisfaction.

*Evil laugh*