Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Early this morning, at approximately 3.00am, I made a conscious decision to forgive.

Forgive who, you ask?

Well, to cut a long story short, J, who was over at my place at that unearthly hour so that I, his 24-hour on-call secretary could do his typing for him, dropped a comment that he had chatted to W, one of my classmates.

Yalah. The same W that said that my classmates were attending to their boyfriends husbands.

J mentioned that W made some comments about me, and that he agreed with some of them. I then told him outright that if he felt I needed to know what it was, then shoot. If not, don't bother telling me.

He didn't think I could handle it, so he didn't tell me. Fine with me.

But me, knowing already that the comments were most probably harsh, was already deeply hurt. Not hurt because W made those comments - I could hardly care. However, I was hurt because J didn't defend me. I would have defended him. He's my friend and brother. That's what family does - defend each other and cover each other's backs.

After awhile, I requested for a break. And he made a remark that I 'obviously couldn't handle it.' I just grunted la.

Then J had to leave for awhile to go over to his friend's place. The moment he left, I sat down on my bed and prayed. And I made a choice, a choice to forgive him. To forgive W. To forgive W for making those comments, and to forgive J for not defending me. It was hard, but when I chose to do the right thing - FORGIVE, and not hold grudges - my heart and emotions felt so much better.

I was smiling again when he came back, and proceeded to be his secretary till 6.00am.... :/

You see right, forgiveness is a conscious decision. It is a choice you have to make, no matter who hurt you, or how badly you were hurt. It's a decision of the heart.

Holding a grudge, having unforgiveness, on the other hand, is just like holding a hot coal in your hands. You're the one feeling the pain from the coal burning, and hoping that the other person is feeling the same pain. But he isn't. You are. And you're getting more hurt in the process.

Why bother?

I forgive, because I am forgiven.