Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hi. Just a quick one.

Jump on to 1am's blog to find out more on what's been happening in the ministry! And I already link to their site so head over there for chords and pictures. Especially those of you guys who want to see pictures from the Kuching trip and the other concerts they've ministered in.

And of course la, let's not forget 1am's spiritual family... This is who we are!

Do, do continue to support, and remember that worship is a lifestyle ya! So glorify God through the way you live! And I'm speaking for myself as well la, heh.

Oh those of you guys who are heading here next year..or anytime soon, do drop by ECF. Better still, make ECF your spiritual family! I guarantee that you'd be ministered to. But obviously... you need to be open to ministry la hor? Heh.

Eee. This class's lecturer is here already. I'm running away now... back to the workshop to cut cloth. My lunch break has lasted for 2 hours d. Lol. Bad Carol.