Tuesday, October 18, 2005

1day 1God was the most amazing event ever!

It ranks right on top with some amazing youth camps I've attended. But what was cooler bout 1day was the fact that we didn't need a camp atmosphere to get 'hyped' up; not when we'd been preparing for it spiritually for a month. :P

I left for church super early on Saturday for a music practice session because I was on Nai Yee's team for the afternoon worship session. We had a practice from 11am+ till around 12.30pm when we had to stop because people were starting to arrive.

We started at 1pm. Two fast songs before PC spoke for awhile. She exhorted us in typical PC manner (her last sermon for SNL? Fuiyoh, keng chao. Take knife, stab through heart, twist it around, yank it out, calmly put it into her pocket, then gave us that gorgeous PC-smile and went 'I'm not scolding you guys ah!' Fui.)

Worshipped for a long, long time after PC spoke. It was an amazing session, really. We had this great time of coming before God again and putting Him first in everything.

I distinctly remember something PC said: 'It's a day for God today. So it's not 'God-help-me-with-this' day or 'God-I'm-so-sad' day, but rather it is a 'God, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO FOR YOU?' day!'

God Factor after that where we broke up into groups and went to different places to eat and discuss. We got the section on 'Jehovah Rohe' - The Lord is my shepherd. So we discussed about it over a Quarter Meal at Kenny Rogers Sunway Pyramid.

I was in Lai Kuan's group!

We decided to do a little skit thing on how the Lord is our good Shepherd, but some people just refuse to listen to the Shepherd's voice. It was great! But dunno how to explain la, haha.

Then we had a marathon 1a.m. concert! Can you imagine, 7.30pm till 12.30am? 1am rocks big time! Haha...it was just great! Obviously it wasn't the whole time la, it was broken up by a few skits and plays in between. But it was still amazing! Terence was busy, so Ade took over the drums and Neil from 1am youth (go Neil!) stood in for acoustic guitars. We had the maestro keyboard player, KG with the Karma and his lovely Yamaha synthesizer while Kel was, as usual, at the Triton. Everyone else sama saja. :)

This concert confirmed that PC's voice is really, really back! It's been worrying, kind of la, after she lost her voice post-album launch, but her faith's been sperb,and she's really, really been healed! I'm super glad, personally, because I'm a huge fan of her voice. Teehee.

Oh yes my, I must add that we had THREE salvations for our LUCT side. I am so, so, so glad because, well, they got saved la! Who's not happy? Even HEAVEN rejoices okay!

So let's see, who got welcomed into Christ's and ECF's family?

1. BadBoyJoe. Joe has been with us forEVER, but he's one of those who really need to know about something before they accept it. God doesn't disappoint, and he answers those who ask with a sincere heart. I'm so happy for Joe!

2. Kevin Indonesia. Teehee. I only met him Friday night when our PKL Outreach group went over to Bee Sean's place in Vista Millenium to play Mafia with a bunch of people. He was there! We got to know each other, he came...and the rest is history. Christ works in mysterious ways.

3. Arifin Indonesia. He came last week for SNL and was so amazed by it! Mafia again on Friday night, then 1Day 1God on Saturday was more than enough for him to see hat an AMAZING GOD we serve!

I am so, so happy at the salvations! However, I keep reminding myself that them getting saved is the easy part; getting them to be discipled and grow is the more challenging one. But by God's grace, we can do it!

I am so happy that our LUCT group is bearing more fruit! The girls side have 3 tiers already, while they have 2 tiers at the guys'. The tiers don't include our top ka che and tai lo Ally and Bern. :D

I promise pictures of 1Day! I have got some amazing amazing pictures, especially one superb one which has most of us LUCT students in it!

I pray so, so hard that the fire from this will not go out. All too often have I seen cases where groups get highafter a camp/wtv but then grow stagnant for awhile till the next 'big thing' hapens. It shouldn't be this way! But thank God we are doing okay here. It must be the discipleship and the culture here. Heh.

Ah I gotta run. I have not done my Purple Book and there's discipleship at 7.00pm tomorrow at church before Corporate Intercession! Eek.

No class later! But I've to do my pattern. I shall do it at home! I have an aversion towards going to college. Lol. I wonder why...

Oh on another note (sorry for this terribly long and complicated post, it's 2.30am after all, and I'm entitled to write in the Carol manner where everything's just jumbled up, thank you) I was at Sungai Wang today with Lizzie. I saw someone which I thought looked like my cousin Josiah...then came back and realised it prolly WAS him! What on earth is he doing working 8 hours selling handphones in Sungai Wang?! Haha must be the parents ask...keke...

Bought a USB hub in Low Yat...I love peripherals! I wanted to get the same Altec Lansing headphones I got for Feli but realised I don't need it at the moment. Btw, stop complaining about the colour, chabo! Haha.... you go down to Low Yat yourself next time la! 3 hours to and fro with bus okay! Teehee.

Oh and I touched the iPod nano. It is beyond beautiful. It is a super-sexy music player. Gorgeousness pod-ified. LOVELY! Someone please buy it for me! After all, it is *only* RM969 for a 2GB version! Nano nano nano!!!!!!!!

Okay okay I'll leave. Sorry for boring you to tears, but I just wasn't in the mood to think up anything that would entertain you. This post was more to entertain ME! :P