Monday, September 26, 2005

I am very sad, because I've been arguing having disagreements with you.

Worse of all, I don't even understand why those arguments started in the first place. Such trivial matters, really. Couldn't you have brought it up in a nicer manner, instead of a way that caused both of us to be upset?

We're friends, you know that. And we're close. Why have we allowed this to come between us, and this treasured relationship? Is it even worth it?

I hate it when I argue with you. In fact, I hate it when I argue with anyone! It makes me feel so sad and so burdened in my heart. I keep on wondering why we had that silly disagreement and why things have become so weird between the two of us.

Maybe I should keep my distance from you. Distance is always good when things like this happen. For me, at least, because it allows me to gather my thoughts and process things through.

Maybe we've been seeing a bit too much of each other. There is that distinct possiblity, isn't there? So maybe if I keep my distance from you for a while, things will become the way they were once upon a time.

That uncomplicated time when it was all joy and laughter, teasings and fun.

Unlike this extremely mind-boggling time, where I just keep on wondering what on earth went wrong.

You apologised yesterday, and I accepted it, but I was and still am sad.

You say you've been stressed out by things you need to do, and I completely understand that. So was I, a few weeks ago, and I totally allowed misery to overwhelm me and transform into a monster.

I don't want that to happen to you, you know that.

Running away from a problem is never a good solution. But does staying away from a person count?

There are only so many people in this world I can connect so well with. And out of those few people, only you are around. The rest are so far away, and I miss them so much.

They are such dear friends of mine, and I count you as one of them, simply because it's been so long since I met someone whom I could relate to as well as I relate to you.

I need time to think things through. I don't want to have this issue on my mind all the time. So how? What's the solution?

I don't want to see our beautiful friendship go down the drain. So I'd do anything in my power to save it.

But you see, if I'm the only one who wants to save it, there's no point in even trying to, is there?

Think about it.


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