Friday, October 07, 2005

Random thought: Isn't it funny how another girl whom you perceive could be having an unspoken rivalry with you can bring out the total cattiness in yourself which is usually quite well controlled?

*Clears throat*

Hello everyone. Before I begin anything, I will make it clear here that I will not be blogging anything about things which are in the past. And that is because I personally believe that we should let bygones be bygones. However, I will also admit that everyone has their own personal journey to walk, so it really depends on yourself la hor?

Anyway. I am really quite the exhausted here because for the past few nights I've been doing my part-time job. The job volunteer work has been ending at an average of 4am every day since Tuesday, with it ending yesterday at a whopping 5.30am. Grrrr.

Really, why am I so nice? Ahahaha.....

So. What has been going on, you ask? (That is, if you're even interested la hor? :P)

It's been quite busy, with me doing the finishings for my cheongsam show. So I really thank God that He's graced me to get through this week. Due to some very nice rescheduling, I'm off Chinese service duty for the next two weeks! So happy! Heh... because that means that next Sunday, I will have one of my rare chances to sleep in! Do you have any idea how long it's been since I last had a sleep in? Ages, i tell you. I'm on the schedule for Chinese once every two weeks, plus those weeks in which I'm not on, I will also have YOF (Youth on Fire). So never have chance to sleep in la! Saturdays the same. Quite sad la, because I've not have enough time to catch up with my beloved sleep.

Eh, but don't get me wrong okay. I love, love, love serving in the Chinese zone. They've really opened my eyes to a lot of things, and the songs are very nice lei, albeit very 'chinesy', if you get what I mean.

And those extremely adorably lovable 11-14yr olds I work with in YOF? I heart them. They're so cute. :D

Anyway, Deborah and I are swapping instruments again this Saturday! Hooray! More synth time for me! Hehe.. I was on the piano for a whole month in September. That rocked, but it was harder to really worship lor, cos you know la, the piano's playing amost 24/7. But synth lei...that's a different story. Sometimes play, sometimes don't play. So fun. Can worship as well... and make amazing, amazing sounds come out from the beautiful Karma.

Btw Lyne, watch the Look To You VCD carefully right... then you'd notice that the Asian keyboardist for United is playing a Karma on top! Teehee.

Went down to KL yesterday. We had a store visit to the newly-revamped Starhill Gallery and oh my goodness, is that place beautiful or what! I took loads of pictures, including exclusive, only-for-me pictures of the DKNY store (I got permission from the store manager! Otherwise jangan harap they let you take piccie!)It's gorgeous. Stepping into Starhill is really like stepping into another world. This has increased my level of respect for Francis Yeoh and YTL Corp by a good few notches.

Bought 2 pairs of shoes. One pair of red heels for Arystle to wear during the show, and one pair of denim heels for myself. I got a free watch in the process because I spent above RM100. Now dear sister, before you go running to Mummy and Daddy about that, allow me to mention that it was completely necessary for me to buy the shoes. :P

Vincci rocks. May I also mention the fact that since my shoes fetish (courtesy of my mum!) started last July I've since acquired..uhms..6 pairs of heels? Yeah. I think so. So it brings my total shoe count (including cross-trainers and such la hor) to a grand total of 11, I think. Not that much yet, but I strongly suspect that over the years, in the whole grand scheme of things you'd see me collecting shoes like I used to collect, uh, stamps.

I should take a picture of all my shoes! :D

Righty. I need to continue my drafting. I just realised that I only have about 6 weeks left before the semester ends. And that's a scary thought.

Oh by the way, nothing much to write also, though many personal things have been happening. It's way too personal, so they all went into my beautiful physical diary. I've been writing a LOT in it! :D

Now don't you wish you could get your hands on it? Eheks.... :P


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