Monday, October 03, 2005

And the story continues....

Carol looked wearily at Febricol, The Detective of Lost Noses. "It's okay, Febricol. You've tried your best, really. I'm glad you've found Nose, but I also understand that it'll probably take him some time to decide to return to me."

Febricol looked distraught, "I tried convincing him to come back, I really did," he said. "But he just wouldn't listen!,"

"It's alright, Febricol. You've done your part, and I thank you so much. You can leave now... there are plenty of other Lost Noses to track down outside there. I trust that my Nose would decide to return onhis own accord," replied Carol.

So Febricol took his leave. As he walked away, Nose, who was hiding nearby was in shock. What? Carol didn't want to force him to return? Something pricked at his conscience but he brushed it away. He would not return to Carol, no!

As Carol stood in the worship sanctuary of ECF, listening to PC exhorting the people to commit all to God, her heart ached. It ached because there was such a turmoil of feelings all mixed up inside of her. She felt so upset because all sorts of emotions which were so darned wrong were disturbing her. As a result, she couldn't concentrate properly in anything that she was doing. Carol pleaded with God to please take those emotions away, but Heaven's ears seemed to be shut on her.

Even after music practice, the heaviness in her heart didn't leave. It had come to such a point whereby she felt as though a 3-ton weight had been dropped onto it. She sat on the sofa in the church office and buried her head in her knees. She had to get right with God, especially since she was supposed to disciple in an hour's time.

As Carol prayed hard and wept, Nose watched her from a distance. This time, he really felt rotten to the core. Carol was having such a hard time enough as it was, and here he was, being a stubborn, prideful Nose who refused to return to her. It wasn't as if Carol was such a bad master. She was a lovely one! It was at that moment that Nose decided to return to Carol.

When Carol finally lifted up her tear-stained face as she prepared to go home, she noticed that Nose seemed to have returned. "Thanks, Nose, for coming back when I need you so much," she whispered hoarsely. (You know la, how people's voice sound like post-crying)

Carol then proceeded to go home, have a packet of Indomee and share about Lordship. What an apt topic, she realised, especially after the week which had required her to submit and crucify herself to the Lordship of Christ so much!


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At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Carol..thanks for the comment. I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings..I know that there're things that I shudnt say but you'll never know what me and my family went thru while we were still there. True, my case was probably a history but my parents' case is still a hot topic..simply over a small personal issue. It's not that I like bringing up old issues..rather it's actually like some people are always there to re-open old wounds, if I can put it that way. Back there I was so hurt by the leadership, both the church and youth leadership. The things that they said and did were so hurtful. Now, my parents' had a lil trouble..a big one in fact..and when they heard that my family's going to ebc, guess what they did--say things against EBC just to make my dad stay. You know how hurting is that? I love EBC with all my heart becoz I know that God has brought me here and I've been sooo blessed..and I cannot take it when people just say things like that to put ebc down..accussing ebc of things they never did. Unc Merv n Aunty Edna knew what I went thru back there..but they did not say nething against them. I just dislike the way they treat me and EBC as a if we're looking down on you guys. Hey, think about it..what do we have that we can look down on others?? I left not becoz I look down on SFEC (they accussed me of that right to my face, if u wanna know)..
Plus, some people from st faith (sum1 u know) has been rather beastly when i did nothing against her. Tell, me, does coming to ebc means that I look down on other churches?
OK, enough has been said. Again, I'm really sorry if I've hurt your gfelings. U'll probably not understand what I go thru back there and there's no need to bring up the matter again.

At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I admit that I have a problem letting go. But if you think that that happened only three years ago, I'll have to let you know something. The torment is still on-going, whether you know it or not. Actions speak louder than words. It's not the past yet. Yes, I admit that sometimes I do share wid Unc Merv and Aunty Edna about how the poeple there treat me and all, but hey, how much have the people in SFEC said against me and EBC at the first place? If people have not hurt me, I wud never have said anything out of hurt. This is not an eye for an eye's just a natural readtion. I need people to listen about my problems..and so I'll have to let Uncle and Aunty know what's going on. But WHY do the people there need to hurt me simply becoz I joined EmBaCY that time?? I havent even leave SFEC!!So wad's the big deal??What they did against me was hurting enough..but what they said against EBC simply becoz I joined EmBaCY really gets me on my nerves!I don't want EBC to be accused of stealing people's sheep. What a beastly and false accusation!Aren't they talking bad about EBC (another church), with a beastly intention of tarnishing our image? EBC's innocent, if you want to know. People there never asked me to come here..Uncle Merv asked me to come to EmBaCY at first but he never asked me to leave SFEC. In fact, when he saw me in EBC for a few consecutive weeks, he sought to talk to me about that. Plus, Uncle Lip Kiong even told me that if I want to go back if I want to..without explaining anything to them? So why does SFEC has to accuse EBC like that? Why tell my dad the negative stuff about EBC when they are in fact shooting back at themselves?? I love EBC with all my heart and I came here without anybody asking me to. EXCUSE ME!!!!!
I never looked down on SFEC. I believe that if a church is called by God then He must have a plan for it. But don't you think that it's funny when some1 accuses you of looking down on them when you have not??Isn't that admitting that they are not as good??Yes, maybe my actions have caused a lot of misunderstandings but it's becuase I've been so hurt then. I admit that I've come to a point where I simply lost respect for the leadership because it's the leadership(church and youth) that has brought all these pain. I know I shouldn't, but it's really hard when the leadership has caused so much pain to me (then) and my family(now). Maybe it's my mistake when I thought that people in church should be better than those outside when they are not(sorry to say that), and so when the leadership does that to me it's very very hurtful. True, there is no perfect church, but it all depends on how the leadership (especially) deal with issues. Of course, not everyone is like that, I'm talking about the majority, OK? I'm really glad for a handful of leaders who really gave me all the support through my ordeal was totally unexpected.
For now I don't mind all that they said or did against me..but I'm really mad coz they're accusing EBC because I left. Besides, I really don't know what to do when some youths from sfec came up to me saying that they want to attend youth meeting in other places but cudn't because the door was closed after me.
It's not merely a 10 months battle, Carol. The accussations are still coming in even now..


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