Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The cheongsam fashion show went well! Not spectacular, but not bad for first-timers okay? :) I promise photos real soon.

Arystle looked great. But then she's a natural model. She models for Faces mag, by the way. Will be buying her a gift as a sign of appreciation. She was so super-cooperative! And models like these are hard to come by. Wonderful girl.

Genevieve from YOF just called me. She wanted me to teach her piano because her piano teacher's on maternity leave for three months. I laughed and told her that she wouldn't want me to do so because I'm not good at taugeh-note playing. Ask anyone. I'm a borderline ABRSM student! Just pass pass nia. What I can do for worship songs, it's really by the grace of God.

If she were like Grade 3 probably can la. But Grade 6 wor! Mana boleh! Haha my theory summore halfway grade 6 only. Figured bass and I are sworn enemies for life.....

So I recommended Carolyn Lee a.k.a Lyn Lee. She's a certified piano teacher ler. If I were to continue my piano and (finally) finish my grade 8 I'd ask her. But neither do I have the time nor the instrument necessary. That Yamaha keyboard I have? What a joke. No piano touch one.

But I'm digressing. My original point was supposed to be how happy I am that Genevieve actually called me. And after we were through with the piano thing we started talking bout other things like school and stuff. I really love these girls from YOF. She's 14, by the way. Therefore talking to her is practically like talking to my sis (Hi meimei! Haha...) who's 13. Besides, it wasn't that long ago that I was in school. :P

It's so fulfilling to serve in YOF, really. I really want to see these 11-14 year olds get their lives right before they head into the big bad world of college and high(er) school. I do want to disciple them, I mean, I'm just helping out in YOF at the moment. PC asked me if I were ready to disciple them but I said I didn't think so because I'm still trying to coordinate my college girls etc, so I didn't think I'd be able to do it properly. Maybe when I learn to manage my time more effectively. Then I'd definitely take up the challenge.

Whah but really ah, I am really not in a condition to lead so many people at the moment. I have 5 girls in total to care for, 3 under me, and the other 2 under one of my girls, so I still have lots to learn. And lots of pruning to go through. We'll see after that.

You see, like we learnt in discipleship yday with Ally, pruning happens so that the branches that are bearing fruit already would bear more and better fruit! Don't you want to bear better fruit? I sure want to! That's why I allow God to prune away my old self, habits etc. It's hard, but I recognise that the end results are more than worth it. How do I know it? I look around at my leaders who have undergone pruning and see the fruit they are bearing now, and I really want to be like them! :D

Anyway, 1Day 1God is this Saturday! I am so looking forward to spending 12 whole hours of soaking in God's presence. 1pm to 1am, how cool can it get, I ask you? :) I can see a turning point up right ahead for us fron LUCT.....

Hard work, right up ahead. It's only about 5 weeks to the end of the semester and my pattern also belum habis. I shouldn't even be here in Max's place, really, but...I needed to check my mail. Really. Elaine would understand, haha.

Speaking of which, adults can be so, so weird. Please God, don't let me be like these certain individuals in the future! It's so ungodly...

Anyway. Loads of work. Gonna sew and watch I not Stupid with Max and the rest. He wants to watch it, though I think he has...before. Therefore. I. Shall. Take. My. Leave. Now.

Look out for the photos! :)


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