Thursday, October 13, 2005

I had a nice entry written up yesterday night while I was at Max's but the horrible Streamyx connection then ate it up. :(

I hate it when my entries get eaten up. But then who doesn't?

So anyway, I had my first (in a sense la) fashion show yesterday for my semester's cheongsam project.

It went good! Not that it was utterly spectacular or anything along those lines, but it wasn't bad for a bunch of first-time show planners okay? :D

Arystle was a fantastic model. Utterly professional in her poses and attitude. Not easy to find undiva-like models. And trust me, there are so models (yes, even if they're just college models) that are super high-maintainence. Those kind? Can die ah.

But Arys is quite a pro, plus she models for Faces magazine as well! She was super cooperative, came in for so many fittings and bore with an itchy neck for a reason I wouldn't elaborate on. :P

The whole atmosphere of a fashion show was...electric. The jitters beforehand when I was making final adjustments to the garment, doing her makeup and hair, waiting like mad for the show to please-just-begin-so-we-can-get-it-over-and-done-with.

Then when my model walked out with your garment on, I just felt so satisfied and happy though I know where all the (hidden) flaws of the garment were. Hee.

And for the finale when everyone walks out, and I walked one round with Arystle and the whole sensation was All the jitters etc just left me as I walked with confidence, smiling at Arystle while complimenting her on a job well done and at the spectators.

Then when we reached the lecturers and I took my bow....

All the picture sessions after that, with everyone.....

I love what I'm doing. I really do. I'd rather be up every night till insane hours (which I am memang doing anyway) doing my sewing than, say, studying organic Chemistry (no barbs meant here, heh) or whatever else.

Except maybe law la hor? :P

That was just the beginning la. I still have two crazy garments to complete by the end of the semester, which, by the way, is a mere 5 weeks away. Oi pattern pun belum habis la sure die! :(

Nah, don't worry. This semester wouldn't be like last semester. Really. I promise.

Eh busy d. Hi meimei. I need to

I promise pictures of the fashion show on my Multiply really soon! :D


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