Monday, October 24, 2005

I ended up going for dinner with Max and BadBoyJoe. And I'm glad I did that.

We had a great time eating, talking and most importantly, fellowshipping.

You're wondering, 'Hah? Fellowshipping? Everytime we go out to eat with friends kan fellowshipping?'

Well dear people, I've a piece of news for you: Fellowshipping means when you go out with people, you talk about God-stuff. Not the newest movie out or this-guy-that-girl etc. Nope, not even about assignments. :P

We chatted over what a friend of Joe should do considering she just got saved, yet her family members insist that she do the whole 'pai-pai' joss-sticks thing. They are threatening some stuff lah, so we were just wondering what was the best thing to do.

Then asked Joe what he would do if he were put in a similar situation. I wouldn't tell you what we thought was the best, because it's all really about a matter of personal conviction. I don't want to start a 'no-you-shouldn't-do-that-you-should-do-this-instead' debate. Nah...

Asked Joe what finally made him decide to accept Christ and heard bits and parts of an interestingly long-winded testimony (He needs to learn to cut down. Testimonies maximum should be 5mins long. Otherwise people get bored how? Get to the point! Teehee) about his journey and stuff like that. Go Joe! :D

Then asked Max on how he came to know Christ (Christmas played a big part haha) then we talked about how changed lives are really the best testimony ever!

So yealah. Our dinner was about 1 1/2 hours long but it was super-fruitful. I truly believe that we were all strengthened and edified by it.

Bumped into Anson and Yanyan (2 China internationals) who happen to be my oikos. So started talking to Yanyan while Max and Joe talked to Anson. Hope we can bring them to church either on Saturday for SNL or on Sunday for Chinese service. See first.

It was good. Really really good. I have not spent time with God yet though, however I could feel Him talking to me just now. I really need to learn to deal with my emotions.

This year has been a year full of challenges, mountains and valleys. I've gone through some of my darkest and driest times, and experienced amazing victory, especially when I decided to surrender all to God. He's the best, really.

He's dealing with me in so many areas. Teaching me to surrender more to Him. Most of the time, I can feel Him whispering, 'Stop struggling, sweetheart. Give it all to me. Don't you trust me enough to know I want the best for you? Have I not proved myself over and over again to you?'

It's not easy to give it all to Him - Lordship is a continuous process after all - but I'm learning. With His guidance, and by always drawing strength from His Word, I know I can do it. God never disappoints.

I look forward to the 2 months left. It's going to be really hectic, what with projects to be handed up, camps, family vacation and Christmas. However, I sincerely trust that God's gonna use this time to further reveal himself to me and teach me more about Him. The Contender ECF Church Camp for one, would definitely be an amazing time!

I trust God. Full stop. I just need to learn to trust Him more. But by His grace, I will come out victorious. I know it! :)


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At 9:47 PM, Blogger Jaysmeen said...

Oh, so u've met Ps Lynda? Yea she's really nice, and her husband has an amazing testimony to share! Feel bad la, we were supposed to spend more time entertaining them when they and their youths were here but we were too busy (I practically didn't have any rest at all, preparing food and washing up during lunch break as well as 'looking after' those who stayed during the evening) and well, they always come late for our sessions and so there wasn't much chance. Neways ya she's nice, they all are nice peeps (even gave us youth committee a wristband each before they went home). And oh, they're planning to get us to join a mission trip to Philipines (sounds like it's very possible) maybe next yr or sth, hrmm..
Ya I know what u'r saying bout ECF. I believe that it's the growth that u've experienced there that causes you to be so proud of it. That's what I feel abotu EBC too. The thing is, you find a lot of good churches in KL..but sadly not much of these overseas. That's a scary thought especially for EBC ppl, i think. No one has gone elsewhere coming back saying that they've found a place quite similar. Not to boast, but it's a really scary thought. But well, God has a purpose for everything.
Ya, will defnitely dig up some time in KL. I must go out o0n Saturday night to get my mind off about missing EmBaCY. Haiya. Ya I have to meet up with Ps Lynda's youths as well as Ps Ben's youths ad some other youth pastors so a lot of ctching up definitely.
K that's all. God bless.

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