Thursday, October 20, 2005

I promised pictures, and here they are. :)

1Day 1God - the best event of the year!

I wanted to post up the cheongsam pictures in Multiply as well, but I have got a college server here which is really cacat, so I couldn't. My 3rd time trying summore! So how?

Eh wait a minute. I just checked my Multiply and it's there! Hooray! Ah therefore...

Cheongsam Fashion Show

Teaser picture:
I really, really hope that you'd enjoy the photos!

Anyway, I think that I'll be moving out of my current unit in Vista Prima soon. That's sad, really, because it's a beautiful unit. However, I don't really have much of a choice because the college wants to move those under their accommodation scheme away next July to what Sam would call 'the boondocks of all boondocks' - Pulau Meranti. Uh. Not going to move there. No public transport, no nothing, want me to die izzit? Heh. But the good news is that I'll most prolly be moving just a level below, to the 7th floor. Lizzie and I both really love Block A, and I'm in love with balconies, so mah just move to the same place la.

Thing is I'm wondering if I should take the master bedroom for myself. You know me la, I'm a packrat, I just amass stuff, you know what I mean? I really need the extra room la, haha, but then... the master bedroom only has this puny windows that doesn't allow much sunlight to come in! That's no fun. So... dunno la, heh.

Oh I just realised that I had, like, 4 las in that one paragraph. What terrible English. :D

Going to go check out the apartment later, by the way.

Just fyi, the end of semester is fast approaching. It's only about a month away. That's four weeks, me, 2 garments, 1 batik, 3 computer graphics, many presentation boards and 1 journal to complete. So wish me luck, and take note that I probably won't be updating frequently.

Not that I update that frequently as it is. ;)

Gotta run. Stomach is being mean to me. I need to use the toilet.

But you didn't need to know that, did you? :D