Saturday, October 22, 2005

Oh, sorry guys, I set the access for the cheongsam pictures incorrectly.

The problem's been rectified already, so you can head over there now. Heh.

Just had a tiring day, going down to KL early in the morning to do research in Starhill and Isetan Lot 10. Met up with Joanne (hugs!) who was in Low Yat with her bf and some other guys. Bought Feli's earphones thingy. A print cartridge for Lizzie. Nothing for moi.

Got stood up by my lovely cousin who decided that it was more important to get his hair cut than see me. Lousy buffalo.

Walked around, then left for Megamall to wait for Bern to pick Aaron and I up. Took the chance to pop into Kamdar to buy soft net. Bumped into Gerardine and Kelvern who were on a date. Teehee. >.-

Rushed to church for friend came! Painted t-shirts which conveyed a message on what life means to us. I will post pictures of that too!

Dinner at pastor's place, then came back home. Discipleship with girls after a quick shower. Then now la.

Going to watch a movie later in my place - a Hong Kong evangelical movie called Life is a Miracle. It should be great! THe previous one I watched - The Miracle Box was superb. off. Lotsa stuff to do, and today (Saturday) will be another busy day. Normal lah. Heh.



At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carol, I really appreciate your effort in trying to help me over these issues which I admit should have been dealt with long ago. Thinking back, I realised that I've surpressed all the pain and trying to get along with life which is so much different from before. Honestly, my old frens can hardly recognise me now. To cope with the changes and fun that I'm having with my collegemates, I pretended that all that has never happened.

I'm sorry if I have been harsh or anything. I admit that I really cannot understand why people have to treat me this way, but I must honestly say that I've seen God taking revenge on my behalf, and I'm learning to let Him be my advocate.

Plus, I'm starting to get VERY busy with our youth camp preparations, and I know that I cannot let all these things be stumbling block. The busyness will make it even easier for me to surpress everything. We just had our first meeting and we havent assigned most of the tasks, and I've been given jobs which I'm not quite good at (like designing name tags=P). So yea will be very busy and I was asked to plan something for our girls too. So yea kinda challenging (and fun, I guess) coz I've never done any of that b4.

So yea jes wanna thank you for your effort. God bless.


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