Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Flu has struck me again. :(

Anyway, The Contender camp is tomorrow (Thursday)! I am super-duper excited: My first church camp here + first time going to PD (I think I'll be disappointed haha) and many many other things!!!

Yalah, so I'm excited. Don't rain on my parade okay.

Three people will be crashing in my house tomorrow - Tepoho, Kefilwe (From Botswana, hence the interesting names) and Christy. They stay in Millenium, so need to crash here in VP so that we can all leave at 7.45am on Thursday as bright, happy campers! :D

Anyway, most of us in-the-final-stages-of-semester people from LUCT will be bringing our assignments with us. I doubt I'll get to use anyone's laptop, though, so I'm slaving away trying to finish my illustrations and reports. Then I'll bring the sewing stuff there to do.

Haha! I suppose you wouldn't be hearing anything from me from Thursday till Sunday then. Tell me to have fun, wouldn't you? ;)

Oh, by the way, Lizzie and I move next week! :D


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