Thursday, October 27, 2005

I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be online. Really. I shouldn't be posting.

What I should be doing is this:

1. Slaving over my Computer Graphics assignment. It is 80% done and is due to be handed up on Friday. Illustrator has caused permanent damaged to my eyesight. Oh Illustrator, you horribly wonderful vector-based programme...

2. Thinking of a design for my batik. Which is due in 2 1/2 weeks. No ideas yet. Woot.

3. Slaving over my pattern for my designs. Pattern also belum habis, garments due in 2 1/2 weeks. Watch me die, people.

4. Writing Typing my journal on retail design based on DKNY Starhill Gallery and Isetan Lot 10. Progress: 0%

5. Completing my presentation boards for assessment. Progress: Refer to above.

Yalah. I'm having a great time. Weehee!!!

Right. I'm confirmed to be moving into the supposed 'penthouse' in Block A, 12th floor. It is a lovely, lovely unit as well, just semi-furnished, but Lizzie and I don't mind. It's going to cost 1k a month, not including electricity and stuff, so we really need to find someone else to take the single bedroom. The master is mine, and the twin Lizzie's.

Was thinking that if I can't find someone while I'm here who's willing to take the single bedroom, I'll find people from Kuching who are going over, heh. Trust me, Kuching people, you do not want to move the the boondocks that is called Pulau Meranti.

We'll be moving in on 9th November. My rent expires on 10th Nov, and hers 9th. So it'll be pretty hectic, what with just coming back from church camp, and with all the assigns due. Oh well. What needs to be done needs to be done.

It's at times like these that I'm super-glad that I know wonderful people who can be called on to help. Moving stuff? Not a problem! There's the CSC (Christian Service Centre a.k.a Max's house) on the first floor. The *coughs hard* strong guys will do the lifting and carrying. *Keels over laughing*

Thanks guys. :)

The landlady's a nice person who's married with an adorable 4-yr old son. Met her just now with Lizzie.

So anyway. Back to supposed work for me. Aiyah. Need to push self. *Prods self* Move, Carol, move! :P


At 9:05 AM, Blogger Jaysmeen said...

eheks sorry lorr missed ur question=P I'll be there from 8th-14th November. As I'll only be there maybe during midnight (i.e early on the 9th morning) and we're having a briefing on the 9th as early as 9 am for the crew, so yeah will be very busy till the whole conference is over. Ya will be free on the 12th-14th so can go out with you then. Heheks. Sometimes I do wish that we can get air tickets on that day to come back in time for EmBaCY..but maybe God has a better plan. I really wonder how I'm going to survive when I go overseas to study next time. Churchsick till I puke=(
Neways during the whole duration of the PS Conference Ps Cheli has arranged for me to stay with one of the church leaders, goodness who and where that will be. After that we'll be staying with my dad's friend in Bangsar I think..but I'll definitely spend at least one whole day in Sungai Wang that area..partly coz I wanna look for some blouses there dunno if you know but there's this shop in Sungai Wang which sells very nice clothings for young girls like us , very uber cheap and nice..hope it's still there la=P
While in KL I guess I'll have to 'forget' my duties back here for the moment. Haiya. Camps coming up and there's so much to do..and to me everything must be done with my very best so yala very this whole thing I think I'm gonna drop.
So ya hope to meet you up soon mobile is 0168888264

Love, Jas

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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