Sunday, November 13, 2005

Seeing that I have Streamyx at home, not sleepy just yet, I will talk.

I want to spearhead a campaign to wipe out all pesky bugs on the face of the earth. Like mosquitos, cockroaches and pesky siblings or relatives sandflies.

I have a grand total of 8 mosquito bites on me right now. That's more than I've received in an entire year. My house is mosquito-infested.

So I went around in a futile hunt for insecticide. Then I woke the helper up, and asked her to look in the dining room and kitchen for me. I didn't want to go in there because there are roaches there at night and I am mortally scared of those horrid creatures.

She only came up with a bottle of Shieldtox cockroach kill. I took it gladly, figuring that if it can kill those icky bugs, surely mosquitos would be susceptible to it!

I then went on a spraying spree...under the computer table, desk, all the little nooks and crannies. Forgetting that I needed to be at those very areas.

So now I'm breathing in cockroach spray. If I were a roach I'd be twitching around on the floor, upside down, waving my six icky legs frantically around in the air...

*Eeek* Okay. Enough cockroach talk. *Glances around warily*

Since the bites were super duper itchy, I rubbed my allergy cream on them, as well as propolis. Yah. The real thing. Not the golden gel you find in Colgate Propolis. Real propolis is slightly green, and smells likes Chinese medicine. So no, Lizzie, I don't think ants would want to eat them. Just because it comes from a beehive doesn't mean it's sweet okay. Just like how just because I'm such a wonderful person doesn't mean all the people in my family tree are, HAHA.

It's less itchy now, but I'll need to bathe in approximately 5 hours time to get the stink off.

Okay I ran out of things to ramble about. *Dabs more propolis on skin* Bet you're wishing I'll run back to KL soon so you wouldn't need to go through this kind of tortuous reading.

Or you could just press Alt-F4! :D


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