Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oh I forgot to add in that I am mildly frustrated as well because I can't even do my graphics assignments here.

My pen drive's with Lizzie, with all my Illustrator files inside. Not that actually having them here would do me any good - I have no Illustrator here in my home PC. And I'm used to Illustrator CS2! :D

So all I can settle is sourcing for tons and tons of images related to my designs on google so that I can go back and immediately put my concept board, mood board etc together.

I will not screw up this semester like the last. I don't care what it takes, it simply will not happen.

I want to hug you, you, you, and you but I can't because you guys are a million miles away........

Feli, your earphones have arrived.

Oh and yes, please forgive me if my entries start getting emo, jiwang, etc. It comes with the circumstances.


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