Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm in Kuching. I got called back.

Nothing major has happened la, but the fact that my parents called me back shows that it might happen lor.

My grandma has been discharged from Normah (the ultra-super-uber-expensive private hospital) and has been tranferred to Sarawak General Hospital.

My family has forked out enough in medical bills to buy you me a car. And not just a kancil, mind you.

So I'm here, and I'm screwed because my assesment is next Wednesday and I don't know if I can make it back. And they definitely wouldn't assess me any other day, the idiots, because that's just the way LUCT works.

I'm missing a meeting with Tan Sri Orang Utan with the rest of the fashion department.

I'm not going to meet up with Jason Wong Yung Swee who is finally back in Malaysia.

Planetshakers? Nah. Not anymore. The outreach tomorrow is still happening though, and I'll be keeping them in prayer.

SNL this week, Sunday service....

But family comes first at the moment, obviously.

I want to thank God for my spiritual family. I love them so much.

Thanks to Max, who came over to be there for me though I never told him anything. He found out from BadBoyJoe.

Hugs to BadBoyJoe for driving me to the ERL station though he just woke up when I called him, despite him being late, and despite us getting lost for a while there in Putrajaya.

A forced hug to the unhuggable Lizzie, who's always been there for me. The girl is amazing.

Loads and loads of hugs and kisses to Sharon Tai Ka Che and Ally Ka Che for being who they are - my leaders.

I haven't been to the hospital yet to visit my grandma, it's past visiting hours, and my parents don't want my grandma to get overly excited, whatever that means. My mum told me that my grandmother was happy that she has been transferred to GH. I think she knows what a huge hole in our pockets Normah was burning. Plus, there wasn't much improvement there.

A lot of my relatives have come and gone. Relatives from KL and Singapore have popped down for a few days to visit my grandma (I think they suspect it was their last chance lor), and I just sent a mail to a relative in Canada on behalf of my mum.

And yes, a great big shout of THANKS goes to the love of my life, my Saviour, best friend and Father: God! He's been giving me so much strength to handle all this, I don't know where I'll be without Him.

God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.....

I love each and everyone of you guys out there. I love the ways you guys can make me smile even when I'm down, laugh when I want to cry, and just brighten up my days. I love the way we are Contenders, and contend for more of God.

I love the support I receive from all of you guys. The prayers that I've received. I love the fact I can just go downstairs at weird hours, knock on your doors, and have you guys up immediately to help me move... or fix up my table...

Message from BadBoyJoe: My pleasure. We are family. :)

Oh yes we are, indeed.

Will keep you guys posted. But please do continue to pray for my family. We're going to need all the strength God can give us - which will definitely be more than we'll EVER need! That's how great God is okay! :)


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